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Dealing with Issues

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Mission: Resurrection Day
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Between 'The Shuttle bay' and 'Lets get it together!"

T'Madh had to fight her reaction to bolt and instead walked calmly across the shuttlebay floor, knowing the people were watching her. The destruction of the kit had caused a bit of a scene, and she had felt embarrassment.

After T'Madh left the shuttle bay, she waited patiently for the turbo-life to arrive and she was glad that it was empty. Entering inside, she spoke, "Sickbay."

Waited until the doors closed, T'Madh suddenly grabbed the wall and spoke, "Stop lift."

The motion of the lift stopped and she let out a cry of saddness as her emotional control completely slid away. Tears ran down her face and she began hitting the wall in anger at whoever had taken Lizzy away. It was completely out of character for her wife, who was the most gentle caring person she had ever known except when you stepped into trying to mess with her department or friends & then she became a crazy spunky little honey badger - even if she was more bark then bite.

When Lizzy went off the the Gladiator and she had stayed on the Bellerophon, it had been absolutely horrible and somehow, she realised that she had fallen soo far in love and become dependent on Lizzy that well.. she had suffered depression so bad that she had contemplated not going on. When Lizzy had wanted to marry her, she had soared and came over to stay aboard. She couldn't describe how it had felt being back with Elizabeth, and now...

After a few moments, a voice spoke, [Engineering to Lift, are you okay? We are not detecting any problems.]

T'Madh calmed and then spoke, "Yes, i am okay. Lift, continue."

On the way there, T'Madh wiped her eyes and realised that she may have damaged to her hands. Sighing, she waited for the lift to arrive.

~~ Sickbay ~~

Looking up as the door opened, Keira blinked in surprised as she saw a female science officer who she had met and looked.. quite bad. It took a moment to realise that it was the chief counsellor's wife, T'Madh. The difference was startling.

Heading over, she asked, "Lieutenant, are you okay? You don't look good."

T'Madh shook her head, but didn't speak.

Keira realised and spoke, "There is a treatment room free. Come with me, okay?"

Holding out her arm, she led the woman over to the room and once it was inside, she closed the door as the woman sat down, and opened a tricorder.

"Lieutenant, please tell me what's going on."

T'Madh bit her lip before responding, "You can call me T'Madh. My wife, Elizabeth, has gone missing from the ship."

"Oh.. I can see why you are upset. Are you having trouble with emotional control."

T'Madh nodded, and Keira patted her on the hand, "It is understandable. But I know the Commander will be doing her best."

"When I found a hair from Elizabeth, I smashed the forensic kit and threw it against a wall. Then I punched a turbolift wall. I do believe I may have caused a fracture."

"That doesn't sound good. Let me check your hands."

Keira ran the medical tricorder wand over the Vulcan's hands and nodded, "Yeah, you did."

Taking a hypospray, she gave a painkiller injection, "That will help while I use the bone regenerator. Please punch something softer."

T'Madh nodded as Keira worked to heal the fractures. It felt warm as the machine worked, and the redhead asked, "That should take about ten minutes."

"Okay. Could you please check my biochemistry levels and do a scan of my mesiofrontal cortex?"

Connecting the tricorder to the computer for the analysis, Keira ran the wand over T'Madh and then took a look at the screen, "Yeah, I can see that things are out of wack a bit. Have you been having trouble for awhile?"

"Yes. I have developed a mental bond with Elizabeth, and having trouble sensing her. Is it possible that this could be why?"

"I suppose so. I can give you a shot to help, but I think we need to look into longer-term issues as well."

Going to the drug replicator, she programmed in a shot and waited until it made the medicine, "This will help. I want you to come back here regularly for more. It will last four hours at most."

T'Madh nodded as the drug was given, "Yes, Doctor."


Checking the bone regenerator, she smiled, "These have healed now. Is there anything else?"

"No, Doctor. I will go and help the search. And be back later."


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