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Blood Mark

Posted on Thu Oct 29th, 2015 @ 8:59am by David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele

Mission: Resurrection Day
Location: Temple

Commodore David Hawkins and his group had finally worked on getting their restraints off in one way or another and were finally able to gather enough energy and strength to stand up and move about their temporary quarters. The cell was a simple clay and stone room with cracks in the ceiling to which allowed the light to pass thru. But there really were signs of technology behind the primitive structure. It was almost fascinating if it hadn't been their waiting room before being executed for some religious sacrifice.

Religious sacrifice... what was the reasoning behind all the blood shed, the murders or sacrifices. It didn't make since to him and many others but this was their religious beliefs. Still, there were lines to which people didn't cross, and this was one of many that they had crossed.

He looked at his people as he thought of the next move. "Thoughts?"

Lizzy looked up from where she had finished checking Alice's hand - which didn't seem to be too bad, "Does anyone think they could take one of the guards? I only enough for defence unless I have a staff in my hands. Those bastards even took my ear piercings."

"Either the Commodore or I could do it, but without any idea of what we'll be facing outside of this room. I suggest we wait" Kelly said, rubbing her wrist, which she'd managed to relocate with some help and now had it wrapped in cloth torn from her shirt

M'Gann, once free of her own restraints, had found the wall and was now leaning against it as she gently rubbed her wrists where the bindings had dug into them. She was still disoriented, and even though the headache had reduced to a dull throb it was still hard to focus and concentrate. There wasn't much she could do to help, especially in her state. "So what, rely on the hope that we'll get rescued before being sacrificed?"

The former marine looked around the group and nodded taking in all the thoughts of it all before finally sighing. "I'd prefer to find a way out, even though we know our crew will be hunting us down. You should know this as well, Lieutenant"

Lizzy spoke up, "I probably should mention that I have serious hyperactive-impulsive issues. I really don't do well being stuck."

Moving over the door, she began to thump it, not knowing much about this sort of thing but needing to do something.

"Than what do suggest sir? " Kelly asked, looking around their cell, "I don't see any way out of here other than that door" she said, motioning to the door Lizzy was now beating on

The sound of a machine running could be heard as David held his head down under hood that was thrown over his head. He was being led by two followers to their new location. So he was more focused on the surrounding. The pumping machine was heard quite well as the group made their way to their final destination.

A stinging snap was head one by one as the group each felt pain at their thighs causing them all to come down to their knees. After the slapping was completed, they could hear low level humming and whispering was head before they felt their hoods ripped from off of them. The blinding light stung his eyes as David slammed his eyes shut for the time being before slowly opening his eye lids to give them a better chance of adjusting to the new light level.

Around him, he looked onto the faces of his crewmembers and kept a positive outlook and view as he lifted his chin just slightly to ensure that he wasn’t about to give up on them and their situation at hand. They found themselves knelt down a meter wide circular platform that was only lifted just inches from the rest of the floor’s level. On the ground, there were symbolic groves engraved into the floor to which every one of them seemed to connect to. Outward, they saw a metallic bridge to which was placed for them to walk over a mote which was empty, and outside the mote stood the owners of all the whispering. On their knees as well were robed members chanting and praying.

Above the alter area was a cone shaped machine that dropped down from the ceiling. All around it were cables and hoses to which ran above them and connected to the device. At the type of the cone shaped machine were four uniquely designed antennas that curved and aimed down as well. They all looked like they were capable of rotating once the device was turned on, but he wasn’t sure if he wanted it to.

All this wasn’t like any type of technology at all he had seen before in his life. It was advanced, yet it held that ancient look to it. David wasn’t going to start guessing as to what any of all this did but he knew quite well that when technology and a religious cult collided, it was more than likely not going to be pretty. It could only end in disaster.

Lizzy was still blushing under her hood since they had to physically handle her to bind her and then gag her mouth due to the prolific swearing. When she felt the slap, she had let out a little moan through her gag and dropped to her knees. Closing her eyes with the brightness, Lizzy opened them eventually and let out a muffled eek through the gag. When she saw the antennas, she knew exactly where the hood guys wanted to stick them and Lizzy tilted to her side until she fell over and began trying to inch away before her two guys grabbed her, pulling up and holding her this time.

Kelly simply sat there where she'd been placed, her eyes closed and her breathing slow. She was starting to get the feeling that there wasn't going to be a rescue, at least not in time. Trying to make peace with their situation, and its seemingly inevitable outcome, her mind kept floating back to thoughts of Aral, her daughter, and what would happen to her. Yet again she'd be an orphan and unless one of the crew took her in, she'd be put into foster care. Thinking of how unhappy Aral would become, Kelly started to cry.

It felt kind of redundant to M'Gann when a hood had been put over her head, which of course she had pointed out, and if the situation were less life-threatening she would've laughed at it. At her knees, she slightly tilted her head as she listened, trying to get some images of where the hell they were. She found herself thinking about what her parents had said, that this job would get her killed one day. It had already blinded her. A pang of guilt knotted in her chest when she realized that she would never get to see her brother's wife, nor her sister's partner. Closing her eyes, partly out of habit but also for the comfort, the blonde began to pray, her mouth moving in silent speech.

Foot steps were heard behind them all and stopped behind them except for one. Kenneth stepped between them and into the center of them. He slowly looked around at each one before sliding his robe off. He stood before them with just his pants on. His well built body showed marks of what looked like self inflected scars. On his back was their insignia in between his shoulder blade in tattoo form.

He turned and looked at them one by one and finally nodded as he watched them. "Your turn," he said as he looked at the group before followers walked around the group and started to dip their finger in jars that were in their hands. In the jars was a dark liquid that seemed almost sticky. As the followers started to apply the liquid to the lambs faces and necks, it wasn't hard to notice that the liquid had been chilled.

When the men weren't holding Lizzy and painting her, she watched for a chance and when they both were dipping again, Lizzy threw herself forwards, driving her forehead into the family jewels of one of the men, who let out a loud gurgle and fell backwards, clutching himself as he rolled in pain.

As Lizzy lay there on the ground due to falling over again, the other man kicked her hard in the stomach, causing her to scream in her gag. He yanked her up and held her tight as the other man crawled over, going back to painting her.

David almost growled under his voice as he snapped. "Honestly, she is already down. You weak minded pawns. What do you expect from her and the rest? You are murdering and..." he paused as his own men before him marked on his face and neck. Hit finally hit him what was being used... "You sick son of a bitch... Blood?"

"What do you think we have been saving this life stream for? For us to drink or something?" Kenneth muttered before he noticed their final member that they had been waiting for. "Ah and our main sacrifice. The one that will make us whole and be the end of this all."

They all watched as a woman was drug in, just as they had been. It wasn't until she was feet away that they could tell who it was. Everyone's response was shock and horror as they saw what they had done to her. She was in a long red and black gown with bruises and cuts on her arms and legs. She was able to stand but not by her own strength.

"Vanora..." David stated as she was brought in the center of them all.

The blonde shivered when she felt something cold and wet be put onto her face and neck, and she recognized the faint coppery smell as blood. She grimaced and started to tell the guy off, and she felt rough fabric get shoved into her mouth before someone firmly held her head still. Once she heard the sound of other footsteps and the gasps from her crewmates, M'Gann quieted a little to hear better.

"It can't....." Kelly said quietly in surprise. She couldn't believe what she was seeing, "Commander?"

Through heavy-lidded eyes, Vanora managed to turn her gaze up far enough to see David. Her eyes seemed cloudy, and it wasn't clear whether she was able to focus. She stared at him for a long while, and then a small teardrop slid down her cheek. One of the cultists holding her up instantly slid a glass vial underneath it, adding it to what appeared to be an almost-full vial of tears. "I'm sorry," Vanora whispered to David, before her head slumped forward again.

Vanora, M'Gann thought. It sounded like she was weak, and the blonde could only imagine what she looked like and what they had done to her.

Lizzy stopped trying to fight her captors, and sat their dumb-founded. This was the last thing that she had expected and she began crying for what had been done to Vanora.

Hearing this, Kelly became confused. What was she sorry about? Was she somehow the cause of all this?

A pair of the hooded men came up behind each of the sacrifices--Lizzy, M'Gann, Kelly and David--and pulled them roughly to their feet. Without warning or explanation, each had a cattle prod shoved roughly into their back and they received a quick shock. It seemed more intended to intimidate them than to disable them.

Lizzy screamed in her gag as the guy she had headbutted held it a bit longer until his companion stopped him.

Kelly did her best to keep herself from screaming out in pain, instead choosing to grit her teeth and bare with it.

One-by-one, the sacrifices were dragged across the metal bridge onto the central platform, and positioned next to one another in front of the conical machine, shoving them down hard and shocking them repeatedly with the prods until they were all kneeling before a narrow wooden bench, with a metal trough on the other side. Four sets of medical tubes were pulled down from the device and attached to the trough. On a second look, it was clear that the bench had grooves in them at the far end about the size and shape of a humanoid neck.

Kenneth stepped in front of the trough, facing the sacrifices. He held out his hands in the air and said some words in an indecipherable ancient language. "Now we begin the final ritual," he said, holding his hands out to his side.

One hooded figure walked up beside him on his left side and put a silver chalice in that hand. On his right side, two more cultists dragged Vanora with them. They shocked her continuously until another tear formed in her eye, and after collecting that tear, the hooded figure placed the vial of Elasian tears in Kenneth's right hand.

He poured the tears into the chalice, which hissed and smoked upon contact, then he leaned over and began drawing symbols with the blood-tear concoction directly onto the metal trough. "Prepare the lambs," he said while he was drawing symbols.



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