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Celestial Events

Posted on Mon Nov 2nd, 2015 @ 8:28am by Emmah [Kavi] & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn & Ensign Charity Prince

Mission: Resurrection Day

Zera entered the astrometrics lab, looking around the spacious room. He watched the handful of blue uniforms moving about, side-stepping out of the way of one as they stopped at a console. He spotted Willows who, despite sporting a wrist brace from the lab accident, looked quite determined as she tapped on a console. Spotting Lixor, he walked over and asked, "what have you got so far?"

Lixor sighed as he nodded towards the dark haired Bajoran. He moved a step closer to the man and spoke in a slightly lower tone, "this nebula is full of surprises." He offered the words without the intent of being humorous. He pointed towards an area to his left, "in quadrant AR615 there is a temporal abnormality but comparatively small and seems to be rather stable at a negative four milliseconds from time outside it." His hazel eyes squinted as he prepared to explain another portion of the vast gas cloud, "hidden in quadrant AR617 we have what is probably the most logical location for them, an M class planet orbited by a single moon. you may also notice the bright spot in sector AS617a star is in the process of going super nova." He tilted his head and fluctuated his head, "and there is a rather unstable worm hole in quadrant AR619."

He hesitated a moment letting out a breath, "I'd say there are plenty of things this cult might find interesting but the planet would work best for home base."

The Bajoran nodded slowly. "So, for us non-science majors, there are potentially dangerous phenomena in the nebula, and an M-class planet. Did the warp trail from the shuttle lead us to the planet you pointed out?"

And this is where Lieutenant JG Amelia Lucas, Stellar Cartographer, piped up. "It led in the general direction," she said, crossing the room to stand near the group. "There are a few other places that are possibilities, but the planet is the most likely. See this planet here?" she said, indicating another star system nearby. "It's molten. But, it's got a moon that has a very good atmosphere. Not much in the way of plant life, but it's still capable of supporting life. The only trouble is, it's pretty close to a black hole. There is a possibility that time is slower there. Even so, we could check it out. Also, there's an asteroid field that we can't get a good read on. It can't support life, but they may have ships hiding in there."

Emmah arrived in the room and looked over the data displayed, "That would be a facinating planet to explore, but could that small ship used survive such a trip so close to a black hole?" she asked, stepping in. "What of these other systems." she said highlighting a few that had seemed to correlate with the data she'd been collecting. "I suggest the shuttle is heading somewhere just outside of the Nebula we are currently in." she said motioning to a collection of systems that they could just barely read beyond the barrier of the nebula.

"Depends." Lixor commented as he looked towards Emmah, "The shielding on the shuttled combined with plasma burst timed just right would actually make the black holes polarizing effect would act more like a catapult giving it's warp drive additional power and distance." He paused for a moment then added, "but the timing would have to be perfect."

"Someone escapeing may not have the perfect timing, what other systems stand out?" she asked. Emmah tipped her head and pointed towards the furthest corner, slightly out of the direction they had first tracked the shuttle escaping in. "What is that?" she asked. "I've never seen a system with the planets so close to being in a stright line... thats facinating,"

Zera watched the conversation for a moment. "Planetary alignment is a rare occurance, often times celebrated in various cultures... could it have something to do with the Trinity’s plans?"

"According to my research many extream religious groups have events that coinside with celestial events." Emmah commented. "The planets will align in a matter of hours." she reported.

"Than we don't have much time," Lixor stated, "they may want to use that exact timing for something particular, we can't let that happen."

Emmah looked at the others, "If we report this event to the Commander and we are wrong we could cost us the lives of the Commodore and the other members of our crew that are missing." She paused, "Are we all in agreement that this is the most likely location?" she asked the others.

Zera looked over the map carefully, going over what he knew in his head at the same time. "Yes," he replied, confidently. "It coincides with what Intel has. Lieutenants?" he asked to Lixor and Amelia.

With every one agreeing the information was given to Lixor, to report to the commander. THey had a location, they had a time, Now they just had to get there in time.



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