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Discovering Some Truth

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Mission: Mother Base
Timeline: [Backpost]


Lizzy looked up when her ten minute timer went off, and she packed up the stuff she was doing. Heading to her office desk, Lizzy sat down at the terminal and started the decryption routine on M'Gann's counselling records.

When it finally opened, she did a scan through of it to make sure that she knew all of the details and that there hadn't been any other updates she wasn't aware of.

Keying in some details for the appointment and what she knew of recent incidents, Lizzy set it to screen lock mode and headed over to the replicator to get some water and glasses, putting them down on the table and sat, waiting.

A few moments later, M'Gann was led in by her PA to Lizzy's office. The blonde herself looked a little down, evident by her set jaw and slightly clenched fist. When they neared the door, it opened for them, and M'Gann nodded her thanks to her PA before reaching out and lightly touching the doorframe. "Sorry if I'm late. It's been hard to tell time."

Lizzy grinned, coming over to M'Gann, "No worries. At least you have a reason. If the computer goes down, I'm totally clueless and scatter-brained with scheduling that I rely totally on it to tell me when to do things."

Helping the chief science officer over to a chair, she asked, "How have you been going after the cult incident? It was hard for me, but I expect it would have been worse for you."

Taking a seat, M'Gann nodded her thanks to Lizzy. "I've been disoriented, frustrated, and feeling a little useless," she replied honestly. "Something happened while we were gone, but I feel like whatever it was messed with my head." The blonde crossed her arms and added, "I could've helped -I wanted to help- when we were getting to that shuttle, but instead I was a liability, someone to look after, all because I couldn't see where anything was."

Lizzy put a hand on M'Gann's leg to reassure her, "I am sorry about that. I felt kinda useless too and got my head chewed out by Hathaway even. But, we can work on doing improvements. It is very difficult when there is loss of a particular sense, such as sight, but it is not the end. It will take time, but I would like to have regular discussions and help you work through it. I'm sorry that I didn't realise before."

The blonde merely nodded at Lizzy's words.

"Although I only do occasional work in Medical, I have heard that there might be ways that could help with providing different senses that can help counteract blindness. Has anyone talked to you about that sort of thing?"

"Delvok is helping me with a technique to sense what's around me; we started it shortly after I was released from Sickbay. And Mercia helped me set up a system in my quarters," she replied. Shifting, she added, "I was planning on asking Khelev about getting a visor, but then..." she gestured, saying that she knew the rest.

"Okay. I am glad you are getting help like that. What I can help with is the other bits. It is common after incidents like what you went through to have your confidence and self-esteem take a pretty hard bruising. We will need to work through this over a period of time, and think we need to schedule regular appointments. How does that sound?"

"No kidding..." M'Gann nodded her reply. "I think that'll help." She had a thought, but bit her lip.

Lizzy smiled, "Cool. Is there anything you can remeber? I can't remeber very much of what happened either. "

"When I had mentioned that I somehow made it to deck five, and that I felt it had some significance... I remember more of it." Taking a breath, she continued, "it almost seems like a dream, but I remember walking through the corridors. Alone. Like, I knew how to get around without bumping into anyone. That should've tipped me off first, because the odds of that fast a recovery are extremely low, almost zero. When I got to deck five..." the blonde furrowed her brow as she tried to remember.

"Hmm.. That does sound quite interesting. I have an idea to try and help with your memories. Have you ever been hypnotised?"

The blonde shook her head. "How would it work? Can it work?"

Lizzy nodded,
"Yes, it can. Quite often, the subconscious mind has all the information and it is just not accessible by the conscious so you can't access it. Guided hypnotherapy can be used to take you back through the events in a controlled way. It works for trauma cases and can be used as a desensitisation one. I was taught the Staircase Method and have done it numerous times.. It is a verbal method that works in a lot of cases."

She added,
"But if that doesn't work, I could ask T'Madh if she is willing to try a mind-meld if you want. However, I should warn you that she is having a bit of emotional control issues. We had a long term relationship on our previous ship, and when I left to come here, she didn't cope well. And after the recent incident, she fell to pieces."

M'Gann thought it over carefully. A part of her didn't really want to remember the rest of that memory, as she was getting a feeling that it might not be good. At the same time, she wanted to know. Something was bothering her, and she wanted to find out what. "Could we try it?" she eventually asked. "I don't like leaving things unanswered, especially if it's inhibiting in some way."

"Okay. Early versions used swinging watches or voices, but these days, we have advances."

Getting up, she walked over to a cabinet and opened it, pulling out a small device, "During hypnosis, there is increased theta waves and dropping into delta wave patterns. By using a brain wave detector and stimulator, it makes it more effective. It is perfectly safe. Okay for me to put it on? Just sits on your forehead and then I'll control it via a tricorder."

M'Gann hesitantly nodded her reply, placing her hands on the chair.

"Just to make sure that things are all okay and so you don't like accidentally fall off or anything, would you be okay with laying down on the couch?"

"Yeah, good idea," M'Gann replied, doing as she was told.

Lizzy folded out the thin light device and checked it worked before putting it up against M'Gann's forehead.

Despite being aware what Lizzy was going to do, M'Gann still flinched when she touched her forehead. "Sorry," she sheepishly mentioned, sitting still for her to finish, "I'm still trying to get used to not seeing things coming. Despite being aware that it's going to happen, it's still a little startling."

Lizzy saw M'Gann flinch and blushed a little, "Don't worry, okay? I should have told you."

Taking the tricorder, she connected the devices up and then spoke, "Okay, there are some areas of what has happened which we probably do not need to go through - there is no psychological or emotional good that could come from it, but there is some that will help answer what you need to know. I'll guide you around that sort of thing."

Keying in the first sequence, Lizzy spoke calmly like she had been taught, "Listen to my voice, you are becoming more relaxed, your eyes lids are feeling sleepy, your limbs are feeling heavy, you are slowly becoming more relaxed."

M'Gann let her eyes close, listening to Lizzy's voice, and she felt her body relax more with each breath.

After a few moments, Lizzy noted the tricorder and spoke, "Okay, we will now go back to where and what you were doing that you can last remeber. Please tell me what you were doing."

There was a pause before the blonde replied. "I'm walking through the mess hall... I know, because of the noise, but I don't stay for long. I leave, and continue down the corridor to the turbolift. I haven't said anything, but the turbolift is moving as if I did. I'm thinking about the accomplishment, being able to move around on my own. I'm walking down another corridor, and..."

Lizzy nodded, glad that it seemed to be working. Sometimes, hypnosis didn't for everyone, but it could be quite useful for the paitent when it did work, "That's good. Just remeber to keep breathing calmly."

"... and I feel like I am lost. I ask the computer where I am, and it says Deck 5, section 3. I continue walking, then ask again. I returned to the exact same spot I had left last time I asked. I don't hear the ship's power, and I start to worry." M'Gann's eyebrows furrowed slightly. "Then there's... a voice, whispering, saying that she can help me. A door hisses open, but I feel like whatever's in there isn't good. She keeps saying that everything is alright, and she can help me see again."

Lizzy blinked, and continued, "You are safe, nothing will hurt you. Do you feel like you are still on the ship? and can you describe the room?"

"I'm still here, but the room, it's big... spacious. The voice... she wants me to go with her. I-I must give of myself, she offers a new light, and it's a gift from the Three." M'Gann frowned, "it doesn't feel right. I call someone... Commander Kavi. I call her to ask what's happening. She says that everything is fine, and I should go check it out."

"Hmm. Interesting. Whatever was happening sounds like you were being influenced by external forces, sort of like a bit of mind control. What happened after the call?"

M'Gann paused as her mind searched, trying to remember. "I ask the voice why she is here, and she says she is there to offer light to the lost... sight to the blind. She can help me see my brother again. It sounds too good to be true, but she can show me true sight, remove the scales from my eyes. I... I ask her what I need to do, then... a really bad headache when I woke up."

Lizzy was quite surprised, "I can see how that would be quite good, but it still sounds like things were being directed. I've known you for awhile, and I believe that the headache points to a view of this - an internal struggle between who you are and who the voices made you think that you did."

Checking the tricorder, she directed it to begin starting the backout procedure and she spoke, "Okay, I think that is enough and no real need to go further into details that honestly probably would be best to be blocked out."

Reaching out, she put a hand gently on M'Gann's, trying to use her half-Betazoid empathic skills to give a calming sense, "Sometimes when people come out, it can be a little jarring and disoerientating. I am here, you will be able to feel my hand soon. Just try to breathe normally."

There was a moment's pause before M'Gann could feel the light but steady pressure of a hand on her own, and as she came out of it she opened her eyes and blinked. How did she not remember those things before?? She felt like she was going to get disoriented if she sat up, so kept herself laying down for a moment. "So that voice..." She wasn't really sure what to make of it. When it came back to her, it felt like it really happened, but at the same time not. "... was it even real?"

"From what I can tell, it was some form of telepathic control. I fell for it too, as did others. I reckon only a Vulcan would have had any chance to not give in really."

M'Gann found some comfort in knowing that she wasn't the only one who fell victim to the control. Feeling awake enough to sit up, the blonde did, putting her hands on each side of her onto the chair to keep her balance should she start to sway. "What are some things I can do on my own to get my confidence back up? Between the blindness and what happened with the cult..." she sniggered, gently shaking her head.

"M'Gann, It will be a process. There is no one single thing that can be done. I know one thing that will help in time - we need to get you back into doing activities that you are comfortable with. Routine will help. I know this may not sound that good, but have you talked to your brother about your feelings?"

"I want to talk to him," the blonde admitted, "I really do. But he's getting married, and I don't want him to be worrying about me when he should be happy for his big day. I've already planned on telling him after his honeymoon."

"Okay, I understand. But you need to do it. He will be able to help you with this."

M'Gann nodded, understanding what she was saying. A moment passed before adding, "well, thank you for listening. I know it's your job, but still."

Lizzy smiled, "My door is always open for everyone. Just remeber this though - at least you don't have to worry about freaking out when I forget to put clothes on and answer the door."

M'Gann chuckled at that. "Noted." Standing, she thanked her again before summoning her assistant.



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