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Day of Judgement: Space battle

Posted on Wed Nov 4th, 2015 @ 7:58pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele & Major Delvok & Lieutenant Lor Lorix & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn & Lieutenant JG Geneviève Charmignon

Mission: Resurrection Day
Location: Temple Planet

/// ON ///

Flashes of light in the darkness of space exploded and warp trails streaked to a halt as four starships emerged from warp speed. Taking lead was the Gladiator, the Sovereign class starship but soon enough the Odin, the Prometheus Class starship, and the Thunderbird, the Akira Class starship, caught up with her. Behind them, the Banting, the medical specialized Olympic class starship, kept its distance but still not too far to which the other ships couldn't protect it or for the Banting to fly into transporter range to pick up wounded from the other ships and fall back to care for them until more wounded were in need.

Before the Task Group, weapons fire coming from four starships before them lit up in the distance as a small starship, the size of a runabout, dodged weapons fire from the random ships. Behind the escaping ship was the Trinity’s captured starships they had acquired over the time of their uprising. Two private class starships which were backed up by a Romulan starship and a Star Fleet Nova class science vessel changed their focus on. It was obvious that this religious cult wasn't much for a fighting type, but they were ready to defend what they believed in. Fewer starships, the less chance of being noticed while they did their work.

The moon-sized M class planet, beyond the small enemy starships, started to emit a beam which struck somewhere on the mother planet it orbited. It started out simple but started pulsating as it grew its focus. It was only a matter of time before the beam hit its target and no one was sure what would happen, but it wasn't good.

"Four ships, two civilians, one Nova Class, one Romulan Warbird," Peregrine Wong reported from Operations. "All core Gladiator systems operating at acceptable levels." She left reports about the ship's weapons and defences to the Tactical station.

"Get me some information about that beam! Scan those ships," Mercia ordered as she stood up from the center chair. She was itching for a fight right now.

"Commander, that Romulan Warbird is going to be our biggest headache" CPO Akiko reported from the tactical station, "I recommend we eliminate it first before worrying about the nova class"

"Hail coming in from the USS Banting," Peregrine reported.

"On screen," Mercia ordered.

Commander Peridot Samson appeared on the main screen. "Just calling to say good luck, Commander. Our medical teams are ready in the transporter room and all of our shuttles, so we'll be watching you closely. And if it gets hairy, we'll jump in... I bet my ship could take that Nova on," she grinned through gritted teeth.

"Glad to know you're ready, watch our backs, Samson," Mercia said with a grin. "Stick close," she said.

Mercia nodded, "Task Group focus on the bigger targets first, get them disabled and moved to the next one, We need to get cover for our drop ships. Engage!" she ordered sending the task group into the fight.

"S'nikwaH, give that runabout some cover! Fighters, run escort," she ordered the Thunderbirds Captain.

"Yes, Commander." The growl of a Klingon voice came back to her.

"Ops give me a scan of that runabout, who is on it?" Kavi demanded.

"Four life signs," Peregrine reported. "Lieutenants Sverch'tel, Caldera, Hathaway and..." Ensign Wong stopped before looking up at Mercia. "And Lieutenant Commander Stele."

Mercia turned to ops. "What?" she asked. She felt sick and rage wash through her, but she had no time to focus on that now. "Get that ship in our bay as soon as possible."

"Hail them!" she said. "This is Commander Kavi on the Gladiator, stay your course and head for us, we'll pick you up," she called.

"This is Commander Kavi to the Starfleet officers aboard the runabout. We are picking you up, stay your course," she called to them.

"Copy that Commander" Kelly responded, "our runabout is limited to 3/4 impulse and we only have a few of the primary systems running at 100%"

"Reading you Hathaway," Mercia called.

The lead ship turned, coming to bear on the shuttle. "Thunderbird! Give that ship something its own size to worry about," she ordered.

"Acknowledged" S'nikwaH called back.

Mercia could see a view of his bridge in the small square in the corner of the screen, where they had an open comm line to each of the ships in the task group.

"Open fire all weapons, target their life support, let them know I mean business!" S'nikwaH growled.

"Helm get us closer now," Mercia ordered

"Aye Ma'am" the Ensign at the helm replied briskly as she complied.

The Gladiator rocked as some weapons fire hit the shields, but the Thunderbird quickly distracted, while the Odin lent a hand.

"Open shuttle bay two doors." Mercia ordered as they got close, "Initiate tractor beam!" she said, "Hathaway I hope your piloting skills are up to speed, this is going to be a rough landing, we're only going to be able to slow you down a little bit as we scoop you up." she called.

"Understood Gladiator. Have Sickbay on standby" Kelly replied, not entirely confident she could land the shuttle without injuries to either herself or others.

Vanora braced herself for a rocky landing, making sure she was strapped into her seat tightly. Between avoiding getting shot down, what had happened down in the temple, and coming back without the Commodore, the occupants of the shuttle had not had much to say during their short trip. With safety finally in sight, she suddenly felt sick. There were more wounds to heal with her crewmates and friends than just those that were received fighting the cultists.

With the runabout now less of an easy target as it flew towards the Gladiator, the enemy ships began to really show their anger, as they let out a barrage of fire, causing consoles to pop and smoke as the ship rocked but had no choice but to take it for the same of the vulnerable shuttle crew desperately racing towards the protection of the larger ship.

Peregrine hopped back from her console as it shot off sparks, but quickly returned to Ops. "Shuttle is on final approach to the hangar bay, Commander," she reported to Mercia.

Sitting in their cockpits, fighter pilots ran through their last minute prelaunch checks while the Hanger's dimmed. The Hanger Bays were blaring warning signals as the klaxons flashed Red. The Hanger floors quickly lit up and flashed for each fighter. They lit up which fighter was launching first to prevent any clogging and additional loss of time.

"All Fighter Groups, this is Flight Control," a female voice came over the comm system as they finished their checklist. "Launch is a go, I repeat, a launch is a go. "

"Flight Control, this is Falcon One-Zero-One. All fighters confirm green. We are lunch," the Commanding Lieutenant responded over his system as he lead the fighters to launch out of the hanger bays. Within seconds, Fighter wings from all of the fleet ships holding fighters were launched as weapons fire grazed the different shields of the fleet. Gladiator had slipped passed the defence fleet and had already taken position belly up over the planet in question. Fighter wings flew orbiting their respective starships until their whole squadrons

The USS Banting brought up the rear of the Task Group, but that did not mean it was resting idly. Commander Samson had her bridge crew utilizing the vessels advanced scanner and fed tactical data to the other members of the Task Group. With the Gladiator now past the front line, keeping the Trinity fleet busy was left to the other Task Group ships. Watching as the Thunderbird and Odin engaged, Samson couldn't wait any longer. "Bring us about, mark 135 points 2," she ordered her helm. "Prepare to engage the Nova class ship. All phases, target their port nacelle."

The shuttle came in to the shuttle bay two hard enough to toss it around and initiate every safety Gladiator had to throw at it.

The comm line opened and Vanoras voice came through =/\="We need Medical in here now!" she yelled out with the last of her strength. =/\=

Mercia tapped her ear bud, hearing Vanora's voice would have sent her stomach into knots had she not been so focused on the battle at hand, "Medical and Engineering teams to shuttle bay two." She looked at up, "Secure shuttle bay door, open all fire... Runabout, Hathaway, Stele, somebody, where is Hawkins?" she called through the system. They might be injured, but she needed to know if he was still alive before she sent anyone after him.

Slapping the comm panel next to Vanora, Lizzy spoke, "This is Lieutenant Caldera. The captain didn't get aboard and is still down there. He needs evac and medical attention. As for the rest of us, Hathaway is unconscious due to concussion but stable for the moment, Stele is exhausted and weak. M'Gann is alive and here with me. Anything else I can help with?"

Mercia growled, "Damn it, Find his bio-signs!" she ordered the bridge crew. "Prepare the drop ships, the mission is to retrieve the Commodore. ALIVE!" she said. "Release the Marine dropships." she ordered waving her hand. "Fighters, give them cover!"

Peregrine nodded and hit her comm. "Bridge to Delvok, launch all Hoppers. Repeat, drop all ships."

"Roger that, " Falcon Commander called out over the comm system as he and his wing broke off and covered the Hoppers as they launched from the Gladiator. "Falcon Squadron, prepare for entry into the planet's atmosphere. Bring online your atmospheric thrusters. "

With the shuttle onboard and the Marines heading for the ground, Peregrine was finally able to check back on her scans of the beam. It was unlike anything that was in the computer's database and had taken a while to figure out. "Commander," she said to Mercia, "we have a read on that beam. It's not an energy weapon, exactly. I mean, it may be, eventually, but it's not right now. It's a data-rich energy stream and... something else. Nothing we've ever seen before." She looked over at Luxor at the Science station. "Lieutenant Nabohn may have a better shot at deciphering its purpose than I do."

"It seems to be designed specifically to overload all subspace communications frequencies," the scientist offered to squint his eyes as he looked at the data." He looked over at the woman, "could use it against them if we wanted to." There was a sly smile on his face as he explained, "we could reverse the secondary beam bombarding it with Diode Tracer particles placed inside a probe. It would make the data flood their own systems rather than our own, at least temporarily."

"That's exactly what it was meant to do, Mr. Nabohn," Zera replied, looking at the results from his own console. He was watching the fight from his station on the Bridge, information streaming between him and the other ships' Intel departments. "How close would it need to be in order to work?"

Luxor made a few calculations, "if we used a standard probe it could be eight hundred meters away and still have the desired effect, just make sure it's far enough away from us the blast isn't going to be little."

"The closer, the better, yeah?" Zera gave Luxor a small and mischievous smile, "wouldn't it be a shame if it got lodged in their hull... Commander?"

She chewed the side of her thumb a moment, "If we do nothing will it affect the success rate of retrieving our man?" she said. The ship shook under another barrage of fire from the now even more angry enemy ships. "Lest I remind you we are also dealing with a space battle, and a rescue operation!" she yelled as she held her ground, standing in the middle of the bridge, trying to absorb all the incoming information.

"If it does jam their communications ability it may make their job easier, " Lixor began to explain. It may also damage part of their control center enough that their ability to respond to our attack may be hampered too."

Mercia was forced to take the chair again, her feet unable to remain stable. "Fire all weapons on the forward ship," she ordered.

The officer at Tactical open up the phaser banks and a full spread of photon torpedoes onto the enemy's lead ship.

"All weapons direct hit!" Peregrine announced happily to Mercia.

"Lixor, get that data to the Odin. Odin, take care of that beam!" she ordered. The smaller faster ship would be able to do it faster than the rest.

"Consider it done," the science officer stated tapping the appropriate locations on the console, "they have it now Commander."

Paula stood at the Security console making sure that every angle was covered, although she hoped that her Daughter would stay in the Quarters, she started to tap into the Console more targets for the ships to aim for.

Peregrine continued to report updates to Mercia. "Lead enemy ship's shields down to 20%... 15%... enemy's shield down. Direct hits to their port and starboard nacelles. They're dead in the water!"

"Good! Move to the next! Take these bastards down." Mercia barked.

A fighter wing of elegant Raptor Space Superiority Fighter, banked and cruised to the right as they began a attack run on the enemy craft. They shot phasers and micro torpedoes.

The science officer furrowed his brow and looked from his console to the screen a few times then commented, "Commander I have the oddest readings on their shielding, they all seem to be on the same frequency and have an identifiable pattern." He looked over at Zera letting his eyes speak volumes in his puzzlement, "it's as if they are inviting us to time our attacks to their weakest timing as if they want us to destroy the ships."

Zera noticed Lixor's look, and viewed the information on his own console.

Mercia turned to look at the science officer. "Our weapons out match them, take the invitation." she said pointing towards tactical. "Try to disable, but if it destroys them so be it." Mercia said.

"I would advise caution, Commander," the Bajoran mentioned. "It may be an invitation, but it seems like too easy of an opportunity." As he was talking, he was going through other reports and consulting with the other ships.

"So what are they trying to distracting us from?" Mercia demanded. "Are they trying to buy time?" she demanded. "Give me something people!"

"They're rigged," Peregrine solemnly reported back her most recent scans. "The enemy ships, they've rigged them with singularity devices. If their warp cores breach, we may be looking at an uncontained quantum singularity... a black hole." She sent the data to the other stations. "What's worse, it's not clear they need us to destroy them for this to happen. They may be just waiting for the right moment to overload their own warp cores. At this distance, they'll destroy the entire Task Group, as well as the planet and the entire system."

Mercia's eyes grew wide, and she let out a string of swear words under her breath. "We need to get our people and get the hell out of here." she said. "Any chance we can cause damage which will make them incapable of blowing the cores?" she demanded.

Sick bastards. Zera clenched his jaw at the report that Peregrine had sent to the other stations. He quickly made a blueprint of the ships using the sensor data and scanned it with his eyes, looking at every nook and cranny. "Here," he said. Blowing up the blueprint onto the big screen and rotating it so the underside was visible, he used his console as his pointer. Touching the console, a red circle appeared near the bow, over a small pentagonal section about the size of a hand. "I've been watching their system responses as they issue commands to the computer, and the signals localize here. Hit that, and it should shut down the entire vessel, including the warp core." The Bajoran looked to the Commander, "your fighters better have good aim, Commander. If they miss, they could risk blowing up the vessel and setting off a singularity."

Mercia looked at the holo display where Zera had transferred the information. She looked it over using her tactical history to consider the options. She turned to ops, "Inform the Task Group of the risks, keep those ships busy. Flight leader! you are receiving specific targets, send your best, you must be precise." she ordered quickly.

"Copy that, Gladiator," Falcon-Zero-One replied. "You heard the Commander," he announced to his fighter wing as the targets came in from Flight Control. "We've got a target smaller than your pinheads. First one to hit it on any of the ships gets a month of priority duty shift choice and probably a freaking medal," he promised.

With the Odin and Thunderbird launching barrages of torpedoes and phaser fire upon the Trinity ships, the fighters were able to maneuver in close. The target on the first ship, the disabled civilian ship without shields, came quickly, with a chain reaction of explosions.

"It's working, Commander!" Peregrine announced, grinning at Zera and Nabohn for discovering the hidden plan and its weakness. "The first ship was hit at the communication nexus, and their warp core is already starting to automatically power down. One down, three to go.""

"That will at least power them down," Lixor said solemnly, "but we may still have to board to lock things down."

With the fighters having disabled two of the other ships, there was only two Romulan Warbirds left. It appeared, however, to have the strongest shields, and the Task Group had yet been able to break through.

The Razor interceptor was an elegant predatory fighter craft able to dart in and out of enemy fire. But not all were successful and one or two of the small crafted exploded in balls of fire.

"Commander..." Peregrine said worryingly, "Look." She pointed at the Warbirds on the viewscreen as they quickly began to vanish. The Romulan Warbirds had activated their cloak.

"No." Mercia gasped. "Did we get close to shutting them down at least?"

"The last scan we got of the Warbird also showed that they were able to reverse their singularity rigging, and their additional warp core was already near critical. They're going to breach, and soon!"

Another swear tumbled from her lips. "Gladiator to Banting, Get out of the system," she said, "Recall all the fighters, now." she ordered. "Some body tell me that the Marines have Hawkins." she growled. She was getting close to having to make a choice. Leave him behind, or risk killing thousands of their crew with the chance they might retrive him. She never wanted to make such choices, bu it was quickly coming.

The USS Banting had already backed off from the main action once the Nova class and other ships had been disabled. Without any fighter attachment, they were ready to go right away. "Copy that, Gladiator," Commander Samsoe responded to Mercia. Peridot had been tracking the communications and knew that the singularity was about to make everything here really ugly. "Take us directly away from the planet," she ordered her helmswoman. "Warp 6." Although regulation dictated that ships not go to warp within a star system, Peridot figured that exceptions existed when that system was about to turn into a black hole.

The fighters moved back towards their home ships and Mercia ordered the other two leave the system. She knew she was going to have to make the Gladiator leave as well. She stood behind the helm and gritted her teeth, not wanting to make this choice to leave people behind.

"Commander!" someone called. "The beam!" Mercia looked up and saw the beam starting to flicker. alarms started to go off as the sensors started to be messed with. "There is a shuttle... Vulcan... Humans... Its our teams!"

Relief washed through her, "Take us in!" she yelled and moved back to the center chair.

The massive sovereign class starship rotated yet again, to place her underbelly towards the darkness of space and that of the unholy trinity. Energy weapons slammed into its sields causing the bluish teal she'll to flash and absorb the attacks as the starship started to gray its nose against the atmosphere of the temple planet.

Bright oranges, reds, and yellows lit up as the friction of the starship grew. They slammed through the atmosphere with ease and rotated once again. Clouds flew by her as its atmospheric thrusters activated and caused the ship to dodge and weave through weapons fire from both the surface and in orbit.

A hum of its phaser banks increased as the energy beam shot out towards the surface a couple times covering for the transport shuttles flying by her as the Gladiator started it's assent once again through the clouds. The transports finally made a quick approach and the hanger doors closed by hind them.

In orbit, as the ship exited the atmosphere, two Romulan starships opened fired, having decloaked, rocking the Gladiator around. But it wasn't long before the lead Romulan starship was targeted by the Prometheus Class starship, The Odin, that hadn't left the system despite orders, and had engaged it's multi-vector assault mode. The Thunderbird dropped in to the system just behind the Odin, and the two opened fire in an instant. The two smaller but equally as slick starships reacted to their assault against the Gladiator with everything they got causing the target to explode in multiple areas of the ship, throwing one out of control.

As though it were a hot knife through butter, the flickering beam reaching to the mother gas giant, started to come in contact with the out of control war bird. At first, it caused minor explosions, but with every meter it cut through, the more intense the explosions became.

"Commander the sigularity device has activated!" someone called out.

Mercia held on to her chair as her eyes grew wide, "All ships retreat! Retreat!" she yelled.

The Odin and Thunderbird blinked out of the system was their warp drives sent them shooting away with as much speed as they could muster. "Get us out of here!" Mercia yelled to the helm as alarms started to scream again. On the holoscreen she could see the explosion happening, they were mere seconds away from being trapped, which was proven by the fact the second Warbird began to be dragged towards the explosion point, and the planet below began to crumble, being ripped apart bit by bit. It was happening so fast, and Mercia felt her heart begin to race.

"We have twenty eight seconds until the gas giant explodes," Offered Lixor, "twelve point 6 before the black hole forms." He pressed his lips together, "unless...." his hands worked feverishly across his console, "we could use a Tarazine beam, it could buy us about forty-eight seconds before the black hole forms. or we could make the gas giant hotter before it explodes with a Gavelis impulse beam. It would throw the temporal line off temporarily and get us nearly eight minutes."

Mercia looked at the science station and then back at the display knowing they had no chance of getting out alove. "Do it!" She ordered. She looked at the helm, "be ready to punch it, in don't care if its eight minuets, I went as much distence as we can get." She called.

The science officer continued working squinting his eyes as the blue green light emitted from the ships exposed bottom towards the planet that was about to explode. Lixor's expression was nothing but pure concentration as the gas giant began to glow hotter. "My estimate is we have seven point nine minutes now before the black hole forms."

"Get as much distence between us and it as you can!" she said urgently.

It took a few moments but the Gladiator shot in to warp heading to meet up with the rest of Task Group.



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