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Of All the Times to Call

Posted on Wed Oct 28th, 2015 @ 8:03am by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Resurrection Day
Timeline: After Let's Get it Together

It had been a couple days since M'Gann had promised that she would call. Mara'el saw how worried their parents were, and despite how little her sis called anyways it wasn't normal for her to break a promise. Setting her jaw, Mara'el sat at the computer, pausing before opening up the history of calls made to her computer on the Gladiator. The most recent three were last night, following the discussion about the blonde's absence over dinner.

Furrowing her brow, she called one of her friends, who was good with computers. "Hey Chris," she greeted when his chipmunk face came up.

"Do you have any idea what time it is, M?" The sleepy voice replied. They had met in college, and despite a heart broken they remained friends.

Mara'el checked the time. "Heh, sorry. Listen, I need a favor..."

Mercia lifted her hands, pulling up star data as she lent her own eyes to where the people may have been kidnapped to. She had a few ideas where the shuttle may have been headed but she needed to check the information.

Her comm badge beeped. "Commander, We are receiving a call from a member of M'ganns family."

"Have them leave her a message..." she said idly as she focused.

"I tried that Commander she is insisting in speaking to a supervising officer. I've been fighting with her for five minuets."

Mercia sighed and lowered her hands sending the holographic display down flat before it faded away. She took a deep breath, proud of herself for using it at all. "I really do not have time for this." she grumbled. "Put her through." Mercia said as she came around the desk and sat down in her chair. She tapped her code in to receive the call.

The figure who appeared on the screen looked very much like M'Gann. Same blue skin, same eyes, but this woman's hair was ad straight and brown as a stick. Her face was also a little more oval-shaped, whereas the Science Chief's was more heart-shaped.

"I am Commander Mercia Kavi, currently Lt. Sverch'tel is not available, I will be certain to let her know you called as soon as she is returned from her away mission." Mercia said tightly, wanting to be rid of this caller as soon as possible.

"And a good morning to you too," Mara'el mumbled. "Listen, Commander, I know she's not available, but I want to know where she is. She never breaks promises to call mum, so her saying that she'd call and then not doing so drove mum up the wall. It's not normal, so spare me the sugar-coated Starfleet crap and tell me what's going on with her, and please don't use 'on an away mission' as an excuse."

Mercia lifted her hands, "The military trumps promises to call ones mother." she said with a shrug. "She is on an away mission, the details of such are classified, and I will ensure she receives the message that you called for her as soon as she returns." Mercia said. There was no way she was going to bullied in revealing any information to nosy family members, yet a part of her felt that M'Gann was lucky... Mercia had no one who would insist so much on checking on her that the call would get routed to her superior officer.

"Yeah, that's what the Captain of the USS Memoria said last time I made a call like this, and we didn't hear about her promotion until a month later." Mara'el paused, mulling for a moment. "Listen," she began slowly, considering her words. "I'm obviously no diplomat, but I'm observant. Part of my job, I guess. I can tell that you are very busy, and talking to me is not very high on your list."

"Not in the least." Mercia confirmed trying not to found cold and annoyed.

"So here's my proposal: I just want to know what happened three days ago, and in turn I'll stop bothering you. Win-win, right?" The brunette looked off to the side before shrugging. "I really don't have anything planned today.."

Mercia sighed, "Ma'am, with all due respect, that is not information I can provide. It would be a violation of dozens of policies. Rest assured that your sister is fine, and is currently on a mission and will contact you very soon. I really do need to end this call." Mercia said through gritted teeth.

Mara'el softened her eyes and looked rather disappointed. "I-I won't tell anyone, I swear! Please..." she softly added, "she's my sister. We may not get along, but that doesn't mean I don't care about her." There was some truth to that, even though she and M'Gann were almost always fighting over something. She was family, after all. Mara'el put on an expression of sad disappointment, one that usually made people give in. She had no idea if it would even work on the Commander.

Mercia took a deep breath trying not to get angry. "Listen, this is nothing personal. I can not give you any information about her, period. I can not violate my duty, nor privacy policies. You don't like it, go above my head, which would be off this ship." Mercia said not liking how the woman was trying to manipulate her.

Mara'el was silent for a moment. "Fine, I understand," she quietly said, heaving a sigh. "I guess I'll just listen to mum and dad freak out, while I just sit and take it because I can't comfort them and tell them the truth." More to herself, but loud enough for Mercia to hear, she added, "I really do hate lying to them. The poor souls, it must break their hearts to not know about their daughter's well being..." Looking back up at the woman on the screen, the brunette put on a sad smile and said, "well, I suppose I'll let you get back to your work. Who cares what happened three days ago. You're obviously busy, and I should respect that. I guess I'll find out if M'Gann ever answers her calls..." Some of her disappointment was true disappointment; her puppy-eyes didn't work, and she ended up with more questions than answers.

Mercia warred inside herself for a moment. She knew the manipulation that the woman was trying on her. It was manipulation that she had used herself many times. "As I have said. M'Gann is fine. I'm sorry I can not tell you more, but that is how it is. Have a good day." Mercia said a little more coldly than she intended, but she had to hold the line. She reached for the button to hang up the call.



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