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The Final Stand: Part 1

Posted on Tue Nov 3rd, 2015 @ 10:03am by Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele & David Hawkins

Mission: Resurrection Day
Location: Temple Planet
Timeline: After "Get the Hell OUT!!!" and Before "Day of Judgment"

The choking sensation continued as he felt himself drug back to the temple. The split heachache was nothing. He watched as his crew was finally out of distance of the anti-air weapons posted around the temple. The followers flooded around the temple with weapons and started to make a perimeter. They weren't going to allow anyone to stop them now.

The distance from where they had captured him to the sacrifice room was a good walk, but seemed like forever as he watched the different shadows of the dark lit halls cast shadows of those that were dragging him back. The wound that had taken him down wasn't effecting him as much now that it had time to settle in. The shredding of his trousers and shredding of his knees were his more focused part but he wasn't able to do much but grind his teeth until they finally dropped him down. The pain was significant but he found the strength to push himself up from his laying position to on his knees.

Around the sacrificial circle were now the several galloons of blood that the Unholy Trinity had collected and stored. The loud humming of the ancient machine was fully active and he could smell as the blood around him was heating up. Blood continued to rain down upon the room as the blood pulsed out of the hole that was blown out of the device's side earlier; the fallen blood on the floor was sucked back up by hoses around the floor. Electrical surges struck the pool of blood from above as Kenneth leaned down and kneed David in the jaw.

"I don't need you in perfect physical condition to sacrifice you. You may have lessened the sacrifice but it doesn't change the fact that we only need one," Kenneth stated as he back handed the man as he finally turned once again to show his carvings in his back. "You have failed at your mission, Commodore."

"You talk too much," David pointed out as he mustered enough strength in his legs to stumble to a standing position and popped his neck. His whole body was screaming in pain but he wasn't about to give up on his crew, on his survival.

"This is the end," Kenneth countered as he raised his hands above him out wide waiting. Volts started to strike around them as they heard a massive hum that turn into pulsating hums. "The beam is active and the ancient device is taking in the different species in the blood around us and will target them. Once the beam contacts the emitters located on the planet, it will send a pulse out throughout the quadrant. It will then take those imperfections and even species in question to target and kill them at a subatomic level. Your sacrifice as a human will have a target the human species to focus and protect. They will all be sick and need help, to which they will have to come to me for the proper way of surviving."

"You are a sick man, Mac," Hawkins muttered loud enough for him to hear as he shook off the pain and took a tactic defensive stance. "How do you shut it off?"

This just made the unholy one chuckle as he lowered his arms to his sides and looked over his shoulder. "You don't get it do you? They backed me up in this and so once I was told of this place, they made sure there was no going back."

"They?" the Starfleet officer questioned as he cocked his head.

"C.O.I.L. They have always backed this idea. They have their hands in a lot of side projects to slow down the possibility of a counter measure," he smirked as he turned to face David. At that moment, an electrical discharge danced before them as the two looked at each other. "What? You don't think that your pitiful holographic friends deaths was their only focus do you? Davy?"

This hit him hard as he thought back to all the torment that took over his crew while his ship was being overrun by the holographic crew he had worked so hard to put into place. But to hear 'Davy' was even harder because only one other called him that in the past couple years. "So you are apart of this group called C.O.I.L. are you?"

"Oh no, they are just falling into line under me. They gave me the technology to block telepaths, to capture and gain what I needed. It was in their best interest, as you can see." Kenneth smiled again, until another cloaked cultist came over him and whispered in a quick and panicked manner. "It seems that your friends are attempting a rescue," he sneered at Hawkins. "No matter; they are already too late. Prepare him for the final sacrifice!" he commanded to his minions, who this time pulled each of Hawkins' arms out to either side and pulled his head down onto the chopping block. Two other guards stood ready to prevent any other escape attempt.

To be continued...


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