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Lets get it together part 1

Posted on Sat Oct 24th, 2015 @ 5:30pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Emmah [Kavi] & David Hawkins & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan] & Major Delvok & Lieutenant Lor Lorix & Lieutenant JG Lydia Whitlock M.D., J.D. & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn
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Mission: Resurrection Day

Two hours after power restoration Mercia walked in to the conference room for the meeting she had ordered. The ship was moving, slowly, but moving, trying to pick up the trail of the trinity ship. She had a big mug of coffee considering it was still in the middle of the night really. She took a big drink of it and paused by Davids chair. She felt her chest tighten, and tried to ignore the correlation of their splitting and him going missing on the same night. It wasn't her fault, even if she had been there, there was nothing proving she'd have known or been able to prevent his disappearance. Still, it was in her nature and her loyal to a fault streak which was attempting to accept the blame of not protecting him.

She sat down in the chair at the head of the table and took in a deep breath, "Is every one on their way?" she asked.

The hologram nodded, Emmah's holoemitter had been found, drained of power in the hall ways. Once power was restored an engineer reactivated her, and added some upgrade suggestions to the list. "Yes Commander, I have also sent reminders to the staff to ensure they report quickly."

Mercia put her head in her hands, feeling exhausted. "Good." she murmured.

Lixor rolled his head back and then brought it back to its normal position trying to relieve some of the stress and tension of the events as he stood just outside the conference room. He was acting as the Chief Science officer. It was something that had to be done but he wasn't enjoying it, especially under the circumstances. The blue man had not taken a break even to eat since he had begun his shift some time earlier and he could feel the toll it was taking on him. In his hand was a PADD filled with all the data he hoped would be needed though exactly what was going to be expected he wasn't sure.

With a heavy sigh he activated the door and it opened for him to enter. Lixor nodded and offered a faint smile of encouragement to the woman who was doing as he was, stepping in where it was necessary.

"Commander," he offered, "we're all behind you."

It was meant as a word of support though he wasn't exactly sure how it would be taken. The science officer made his way to a seat and sat letting his eyes looked downward and he sat the PADD before him.

Zera entered the room a few moments later, two PADDs in one hand and a coffee in the other, noting that he was early. "Commander, Lieutenant, Miss," he nodded to each of the occupants in turn before picking a seat. The two PADDS, one of which held freehand notes while the other had a more formal analysis report, were stacked neatly on top of each other in the table as the Bajoran sat.

Delvok entered the room next. Despite the early hours, the Vulcan had no signs of fatigue on his emotionless face, his uniform was pristine and sharply straight, his comm badge and rank pips shined from the polish in the light and his beard was as unkempt and scruffy as ever. Delvok nodded a polite greeting to the XO and said “Ma’am” before sitting down.

Mercia smoothed her hair, it was time for her to look put together. She glanced at Emmah standing next to her, feeling a pang of jealousy that the woman never had to worry about looking out of sorts. She still felt her skin crawling being near the hologram, but right now her worry was on her missing crew members. "Good morning, is it morning yet?" she tried to joke.

Ensign Peregrine Wong walked in right as Mercia cracked her joke, but, also sleep-deprived, the acting Chief Ops answered unironically. "Morning is relative to planets orbiting stars, so it's never morning on the ship, really," she mumbled. "Which is maybe why we never sleep."

"No rest of the weary, not until we find our people." she said picking up her coffee mug again. Her eyes landed on Delvok and she felt much the same about him as she did about Emmah. Too put together for this time of night and lack of sleep.

Khelev arrived next, a steaming mug of katheka in one hand and a data PaDD in the other. He was sharp, focused and ready to get down to business. He took up his usual seat and took a drink before accessing some information on his PaDD.

Lorix arrived right behind Khelev and sat quietly, lost in thought. She did at least manage to remember to acknowledge the XO and her colleagues but her thoughts quickly re-absorbed her.

Lydia entered the conference room, a giant raktajino firmly in hand and the PADD for notetaking in the other. She was tired, but it was a good tired, the kind of tired that was her new she was using her life for something important. However, truthfully, she was grateful to get away from sickbay, even if it was for a staff meeting. She did her best to push away thoughts of Caldera's well-being for the moment. She had just started to get to know Lizzy, and she prayed for everyone's safe return. In the meantime, she would do her best to offer assistance to medical and counseling.

When every one had gathered around Mercia took a deep breath, "Alright, here is what we know as of last reporting. The following crew members are missing, Commodore Hawkins, Lt. Hathaway, Lt. Caldera, and Lt. Sverch'Tel. They went missing during the power outage. What have we found people?" she asked opening her hands up to let any one who wished to go first jump in.

"If I may?" Zera began with a cough. It was a little intimidating to be in a room with senior officers. Straightening in his chair, he continued, "I have reason to believe that telepathy was involved. The lack of resistance in the victims and the disturbingly perfect arrangement of the bodies support this. When the crewmen in the shuttlebay were talked to, they claimed that they didn't remember anything but had strange headaches, and something tells me they aren't the most oblivious people in the quadrant. Apparently I tried to follow them, as I found myself outside the shuttlebay doors during the blackout, but I remember nothing but a headache myself."

Peregrine nodded as Zera spoke. "That's consistent with the surveillance footage that I just reviewed," she added.

"Medical is there any way to verify the telepathic influence, any residual effects that can be tested for?" Mercia asked.

"Telepathy is a demon to try to quantify but we do have some means to identify it a little with scans. More in the brains giving it out or even to a lesser degree if we can scan the brains receiving it but trying to measure it in transit between is nigh on impossible." Lorix replied.

"What I'm saying is that under scans, we can see the brain cells being stimulated and responding or we could also see the brain cells firing off if we could scan the 'sender' but all we are measuring is the internal cerebral electric impulses and the physical rise in temperature of the affected cells and cerebral fluid etc. However, it's hard to jump up to someone and randomly run a scanner over them if they're being mentally 'programmed' to resist or worse, attack.

All said and done, even if we could get everyone scanned, we still can't do much more from that than to say 'yes, look, it's happening'............" she shook her head, aware this wasn't the answer that was going to offer much in the way of a strategy to go forward.

"Of course it would be different if we had a telepath of our own who would volunteer to receive and measure what is being sent out but then that person would risk falling under the influence too and in that case, they may not be free to warn us and they might even be coerced into joining against us so I wouldn't advise that either. I'm sorry not to have better news." she finished.

Mercia sighed, "Then it really doesn't do us any good or need any help." she said. "Alright, who is next?"

Delvok narrowed his eyes slightly in thought, he braced himself, what he was about to suggest may not go down well but it needed to be said, he addressed the XO. “Ma’am. I have every confidence in this crew’s ability to find our colleagues. However, I would suggest that when we do, and a rescue mission is implemented, it be facilitated, operated and run solely by your ships marine contingent under my command. My reasoning for this is three fold. First, if our people are compromised and under the effect of telepathic influence, then one of those is the Chief of Security, who is well versed in the strategies and tactics of the security team, but not of my marines. Secondly, if indeed the Commodore is too under the influence though he too was a former marine, I would say that he was a marine fighter pilot and although he underwent the same basic trainning as my marines, he would not have completed some of their more advanced ground operation tactics…..” he trailed off a little.

It was what he was going to say next that was probably going to make some people in the room angry at him, but it needed to be said. “Thirdly, Ma’am you have to consider your emotional attachments to the CO, and how that may affect your judgment during any rescue mission, you may find yourself having to make difficult, emotional, hard choices. If you put the rescue mission under my sole authority, then you do not have to make those decisions.” Delvok closed his eyes for a second to brace himself for a backlash.



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