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Get the Hell OUT!!!

Posted on Mon Nov 2nd, 2015 @ 8:27pm by Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele & David Hawkins

Mission: Resurrection Day
Location: Temple
Timeline: Continued from "Blood Mark"


Kenneth poured the tears into the chalice, which hissed and smoked upon contact, then he leaned over and began drawing symbols with the blood-tear concoction directly onto the metal trough. "Prepare the lambs," he said while he was drawing symbols. "They must be unrestrained." Men with long sharp knives stepped up behind the kneeling sacrifices and began cutting off their bonds.

Waiting until her arms were free, Kelly quickly turned around, grabbed hold of the wrist of the man behind her and broke it, causing him to drop the knife. Picking it up, Kelly thrust the knife into the man's gut before standing up. "Poor choice" she said, removing the blade from the cultists body

Lizzy's whole body was aching from the repeated zappings that she had been given for being a bitch until she had knelt. But when her bonds were cut, the counsellor's Suus Mahna training became her most useful tool, and she moved in close and dropping down to the floor before using a body twist to give her more power for a punch directly upwards. Underneath the hood of the second man, a very un-masculine squeak was uttered as pain rushed through the man's body, causing his knife to fall from his hand as he clutched between his legs, falling to the side next to Lizzy as he blacked out from the pain.

Grabbing the knife, Lizzy threw the knife so it would hit the chalice. After that, she ripped out the gag.

Anger flared in his eyes as, David moved as his own people started to escape their captives. He through his head back into the cultists behind him, hitting him in the nose due to his position. Then the former marine pushed off with one foot to cause the cultists to fall back as David moved to his feet and grabbed the knife. He threw it at M'Gann's threat behind him as he charged after Vanora's threat. He and the cultists slammed down and freed her while the commodore quickly grabbed the cultists. He wrapped his arms around the cultists neck and squeezed, cutting off the air wave.

Now freed, with the little energy Vanora had left, she grabbed a cattle prod out of one of the downed cultist's cloak.

"Get them!" Kenneth ordered as he went for a sacrificial sword behind him. But as he turned, the knife Hawkins had picked up slammed into the man's shoulder, throwing him off balance.

As the prisoners fought for their freedom, the machine around them started to come to life, and the sound of gallons of liquid rushed around them. This caused David to become almost sick to his stomach and brought him to a pause as he watched mixed blood start to fill around platforms.

"I'd say it's time to leave ladies," He spoke up as he started to pick up Vanora in his arms. "You are a site for sore eyes, I hope you know that," he whispered to her as he moved to lead the women. "Lizzy, help M'Gann. Hathaway, lead us out!"

M'Gann tried to grab the guy behind her when her bonds were cut, but her hands grasped only air. Disoriented, she tried to slow her breathing and listen to get a clue as to what was going on, pulling out the gag in the process. A hand grabbed her shoulder, and she lashed out, kicking the body that said hand belonged to, and another set of hands reached around her, one around her torso and the other over her mouth. She bit into the hand, grimacing at the coppery taste of blood, and when the hand around her torso loosened M'Gann reached behind her and flipped the guy over her and onto the ground with a thud. At least she was able to do something.

Lizzy nodded, moving forwards and spoke to M'Gann, "M'Gann, its me, Lizzy. You knocked the guy unconscious, just taking your arm."

Smiling, she took hold and began helping her friend forwards.

Kelly looked around trying to figure the way out. She had no idea where she was or where to go, "ok, the way where?"

M'Gann flinched when someone touched her arm, and relaxed a little when she heard Lizzy's voice. "I suggest away from that machine for starters," she replied, following beside Lizzy. She had no idea what it was, but the sound of it was not at all pleasing.

Hawkins nodded at his security officer to the nearest exit. There were cultist quickly starting to move to block them. This was his first sign, but knew his officers and he could at least fight. They had to or they were dead.

The machine pumped out more warm blood and the smell grew even stronger, making everyone in the area notice it. It was not easy on the stomach but they had to keep on moving. "Let's get the hell out of here," he said as he held Stele close.

Taking a deep breath, Kelly saw that she was the only one not burdened by someone else, which meant she'd be doing all the fighting. Feeling out the weight of the blade she was holding, she started to walk towards the Cultists, "you have exactly five seconds to move out of our way before I start ending people"

"Our lives are meaningless; only the Unholy Trinity will survive the new world!" a cultist exclaimed, before several of them rushed at Kelly.

Reacting quickly, Kelly dropped into a combat ready stance, "times up" she said as the first of the cultists reached her, who she quickly dispatched with a slice across his neck. She was about to move on when two cultists rushed her, grabbing her hands.

As Lizzy watched, she knew that she couldn't really help much except for one way - to be a distraction. She whispered to M'Gann, "Hold up until it is okay to move. Have to let go for a sec."

Letting go of her charge's arm, the counsellor pulled up the top she had, exposing her breasts to the men as she whistled, "Hey, assholes!"

A large number of the hooded men seemed to turn to look at Lizzy. Some seemed distracted and gawking, but others seemed to just be more infuriated by the taunting and started running toward the group.

Using the distraction, Kelly wrestled her arms loose and elbowed both men in the groin before punch their noses.

"Wait," Vanora said to Hawkins when she saw that Lizzy had distracted the cultists. "Let me down, David." Once she was standing, she stared at the device for a long moment. It was fully activated now; the four antennae had raised up and were now spinning rapidly like a fan. Vanora took the cattle prod that she had swiped earlier and jammed it onto the on-position. Then, with some effort, she lobbed the cattle prod over the antennae and into an opening of the main device.

With a hiss first, and then a loud cracking noise, a small explosion blew a hole in the side of the machine. Tubes and hose flailed about and, along with the hole itself, spilled blood out onto the "fan." The spinning antennae then sent the blood spraying into the air, and suddenly it was raining blood all across the room.

This distracted all the cultists, who became frenzied and screamed out in ecstasy as they rubbed and smeared the blood rain into their skin and faces.

"Ok, can we get moving now?" Kelly asked hypothetically

David looked at Stele, then M'Gann before turning and started to lead, with Kelly by his side. "I couldn't agree any more."

The group quickly rushed through the temple with little to no resistance as long as they used the shadows. There were a couple corners where slinger resistance but was handled quickly. As they reached an exit, David sighed inside as he looked at Kelly. "That shuttle should work, prepare it for launch a son as we get on board. "

Kelly nodded, "yes sir" she said simply, wanting nothing more than to get back to the Gladiator, and her daughter.

While Kelly went to do pre-flight, Lizzy helped her charge inside and got M'Gann settled in a seat, "I don't want you to get hurt. I'm here if you need me, but just need to see if Hathaway needs any help, ok?"

M'Gann nodded as she sat down, "I can take over from here, thanks."

Vanora leaned against the side of the shuttle for support, taking the time to catch her breath. "Come here often?" she said to David with a faint smile. "Thanks for saving me back there."

This made David smirk as he looked at her as he stood at the bottom of the ramp still covering the entrance. There weren't any cultist coming at them yet, but he wasn't going to just sit and relax. They had gone through enough and needed to get out of there, safe and sound. "Yeah well, I know a couple others that have been looking for ya," he countered with a shrug.

"I realize that this isn't the time and place to talk about what happened, but I want you to know now: I'm truly sorry for how I left the Gladiator without warning or explanation. And I'm sorry that I didn't show you the trust and respect you've always shown me. I'll accept without complaint all the consequences that come with my actions."

This made him think back to what all they had discussed if and when they would find her once again. But in the end, she was back and was going to hopefully be safe as well. "I know you will accept the consequences. But more importantly, I'm just glad you are safe and sound. That's first and for most. Got it?"

Vanora nodded. "Safe, at least. But thanks."

"And Vanora?" He added at the last moment. "Do that again and I'll shoot you myself."

"I expect you to," she said, looking at the ground, before pulling herself into the shuttle to see if she could help at all.

Moving to the front of the shuttle, Lizzy asked, "Do you need any help, Lieutenant?"

"All I need you to do is sit down, shut up, and stay out of my way" Kelly answered roughly, as she checked every system she could from the pilot's seat. All she wanted to do was to get back to the ship and forget any of this happened.

Lizzy blinked in surprise before snapping, "Lieutenant Junior Grade, you may be security chief and have been through a stressful situation, but that doesn't give you the right to speak to a full Lieutenant like that. I'll leave you alone."

Turning, Lizzy heading back to the rear of the shuttle.

David felt a slight relief rush over him as he saw his final crew member get on board. The thrusters powered up in fits and starts. It appeared that some of the normal thrusters worked, but that the landing thrusters were completely inoperative.

"Coming, Commodore?" Vanora shouted out the open door.

He simply nodded in response as he finally made it up the ramp after doing one final check to ensure that they were going to be clear. But at the last second, he saw cultists bursting out from the temple and around the area. They now knew where they were and it was going to be easy target practice. "Damn it Hathaway, Get us going!" David ordered as he slammed his palm against the ramp controls but within seconds, the grinding sound of the ramp was heard and it stopped moving up. "Great!" He remarked as he started to mess with the mechanics of the rods pulling it up into place.

Energy pulses flashed through the open air as the shuttle lifted off, unevenly, but was air born. It was a start, but they weren't going to get anywhere close to space worthy without closing the shuttles door. Anger swelled up in him as he slammed his arm against the controls and caused the ramp to restart. "Finally!" He yelled but was cut off as a phaser pulse hit him in the upper right part of his chest. This forced him to slam against the wall and his feet slipped from under him. With his left side still free from injury, he quickly tried to grasp onto something, anything with his left hand, but as he tried to do so, the shuttle jolted forward. The gravity of the planet won the fight as he was pulled out of the runabout. His body was pulled down the ramp right before the ramp was able to close.

"David!" Vanora yelled, somehow leaping to her feet and rushing toward the closing door. She got there just in time to see the Commodore hit the ground hard and cultists swarm around him. It appeared that the entire room was filling quickly with the hooded figures; it would be only another minute until they were packed in like sardines. She pressed furiously on the door control, but it was apparently as broken again as it was before Hawkins had fixed it. "Someone help me get this back open!" she called to Lizzy and M'Gann. "Hathaway, get this shuttle back on the ground now!"

"I'm sorry Commander, I can't do that. We're barely going to reach orbit as it is. If I turn around now, none of us will get out" Kelly explained, noting that the runabout had taken more damage than she'd expected, "besides, the landing thrusters are shot to hell so we wouldn't be able to land. Can someone get a transporter lock on him?"

Vanora rushed over to the small transporter pad. "Baktag!" she cursed. "The power supply to the transporter is completely fused. It will take hours to fix, even with proper tools that we don't have." She collapsed against the back wall and sank to the floor, in disbelief that they were leaving David behind.

As the shuttle continued upward, handheld phaser fire impacting it at intervals, the scene below was a sea of hoods, circled around a struggling Commodore Hawkins. He received repeated blows to the head until he could struggle no longer.

"Davy..." came the familiar voice of Kenneth, who revealed himself before Hawkins. "Leaving so soon? You cannot go quite yet; the ceremony is waiting for you."


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