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Second Responders

Posted on Sun Mar 9th, 2014 @ 9:25pm by David Hawkins & Lieutenant JG Liam Callaghan

Mission: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship!
Location: Bridge
Timeline: MD 3 - 1000

After the away team had left she ship, Ash had grown bored just watching to make sure the Wasp didn't drift off. It wasn't going anywhere. She had started mentally diagramming sentences and doing complex mathematical equations in her head when sensors picked up something interesting. "Sir, there's another ship approaching," she said. "It's of unkno- oh! I recognize that ship design. I think. It's the Durrighash!"

"The what?" Hawkins questioned as he looked up from his display that was active showing him the scans coming from the away team. He was more focused on what was going on over on the cargo ship that he hadn't noticed that ship's scanners had picked up on another ship from long range. "Who are the Durrighash and should I know something about them?"

"They're brilliant physicians," answered Ash. "Reptilian. They're warp five capable. Very friendly. Although, they DO sort of look as if they're trying to decide which part of you to eat first."

Liam smirked, "Oh great, I don't know while to greet them or offer some salt for their meat," the Diplomat joked. "I wonder what they are doing here, and if they have something to do with the Wasp?"

"Not likely," answered Ash. "They don't attack. We're near their space, though. Their homeworld is only a couple of hours from here at warp 5. Hey," she said, turning slightly to give Liam an amused look. "I thought you were a diplomat. Shouldn't you know this stuff?"

"Excuse me, but being a Diplomat doesn't mean I know everything," he snapped back, "Besides every group has their rogues, and people who operate outside the box."

Ash resisted the urge to say, 'meow.' "All right, all right," she said, turning back to her station. "Only teasing. I suppose they could be rogues, but it's one of their military ships, I think. Why isn't this in the ship's computer?" she muttered, watching the Durrighash ship draw nearer.

Liam nodded, "Also note Captain, Durrighash greetings are different the our own. When they meet others, they hold both hands up in front of their chests, palms in." He looked at Ash with a grin, "Yes, I paid attention in class."

Ash grinned. "Color ME impressed," she said. "I hadn't realized the Federation were taking them seriously enough to actually learn their culture. Oh, we're being hailed," she added as the hail came through.

"Open a channel and keep us in yellow alert. Rather be safe then sorry," David ordered as he looked at the holographic viewer overlapping the bridge view port. As the order was called out, David was speechless as he looked at the image that came up. "I uh... am Captain David Hawkins, Commanding officer of the Gladiator. We have come to investigate the distress call to the Cargo ship on our port bow."

The Durrighash looked like dinosaurs. They were straight reptilian. There was no humanoid appearance to them at all. They were green, leathery, and hand two yellow eyes, one on either side of their heads so they couldn't look at you head on. They had sharp claws on their hands and wore no clothing save for bony helmets that looked like they may have previously belonged to other living organisms.

Ash wished she could have seen Hawkins' reaction to them, but she was busy listening to the Durrighash captain.

After a series of clicks, whistles, moans, and grunts, the Durrighash fell silent.

"Yeah... I have no idea what he said," Hawkins looked over his shoulder to the ops station to see if they had anything but the ensign just shrugged his shoulder. "Well so much for a translator."

"Well, I understood it," announced Ash. "So at least we have a translator. He said they were patroling not far from here- their homeworld is 2 hours away at warp 4- and picked up the distress signal, so they came to see if we needed any help."

A few more clicks and whistles from the screen made Ash grin wryly.

"He seemed a little pissed," Hawkins said as he walked behind Ash's console.

"No, he just said that those weren't his words, but that it would do," she explained. "I paraphrased."

"Let's make sure not to piss them off, I don't think it would be pretty fighting them hand to hand," David said as he looked at their visitors and spoke up. I guess we will use Lieutenant Coi's as our translator for yourselves, I'm assuming you understand us well enough?"

Ash listened, then translated, "thou dost speakest true. Thy words are most understandable unto mine ears. Forsooth, thy maid servant must have met one of our number in days past." She glanced up at Hawkins. "That's why I paraphrased," she said.

Well I guess I'll be insulting a rare species of this quadrant, David thought to himself as he patted Coi on the shoulder and looked at the species. "No offense but I'm not a Shakespeare follower. I'll need it dumbed down."

"I know not who be this Shakespeare," Ash translated. "However, I shall endeavor to use less formal speech in future. I believe I have failed to introduce myself. I am Captain Jack- I'm not kidding, the translator actually said Jack," she added.

Captain "Jack" held up both hands in front of his chest, palms in, then held one hand to the side and waved a bit awkwardly.

"I believe this is your custom," translated Ash, grinning.

This was getting crazier and crazier by the moment, but Hawkins just responded by slowly waiving his hand slowly in the same manor as counterpart on the screen. "How about we invite our guests over. Lieutenants Coi and Callaghan, please meet our guests in Transporter Room 2 and show them to the Observation Deck."

"Click-click, click, whistle, grunt, groan," went the screen.

Ash grinned. "Informal," she said. "He just wanted to know if it was formal or informal," she told Hawkins as she vacated her seat and allowed the Flight Control Cadet to take over.

The Durrighash on the screen clicked and whistled a bit more, then the transmission was cut. "He said, and I quote, 'I look forward to making your acquaintance'," she translated.

"I look forward to meeting you in person," Hawkins grinned slightly with a nod before the holoimage of their up coming visitors went back to the darkness of the space before them. He looked at his two officers and nodded.

Ash grinned and headed toward the lift with Liam.

Liam nodded to the Captain, "Aye Sir," he made a mental note to get a phaser along the way. Diplomat, or not he wasn't about to go into a discussion with a T-Rex and not have protection just incase. They could decide to get hungry after all. "After you," Liam pointed to the lift, "Lieutenant Coi," he stated to Ash.

He nodded as he went to his chair and tapped in a code and then tapped his ear piece. "Gladiator to the Away team, This is Hawkins. We have a new arrivals responding to the distress call. They call themselves the Durrighash. Go ahead and turn off the Distress Call."

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