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Out of line

Posted on Mon Nov 2nd, 2015 @ 1:51am by Major Delvok & Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Resurrection Day
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: After 'Lets get it together part 2'

When the meeting ended Mercia stood up, "Captain Delvok, come with me." She ordered as she left her place at the table and headed for the door that would lead to the bridge and the ready room. Once in the office she turned to face him. "Captain, I understand that Commodore Hawkins being a close friend and personal mentor brings about attachments but your comments on there were out of line to be said in public. You displayed a lack of confidence in my leadership abilities publically." She felt good finally standing up for herself like this, she hoped those that mattered would be proud of her too. She was angry and but so far keeping her cool, somehow.

Delvok stood smartly in front of the XO, hands folded neatly behind the small of his back “I apologies commander” said Delvok without feeling but with a polite bow of his head. “It was not my intention to display a lack of confidence in your abilities as Exectutive officer, merely highlight valid concerns.” As an after thought he then added “you are right of course my lack of confidence in your abilities should not of come into it.”

"If you have a problem with me Captain I expect you to tell me on our own, not in the middle of a crisis in front of a scared and over tired staff in a meeting." she scowled. "Next time that happens I'll remove you from duty." she said. "So speak your mind now in a location that is appropriate."

“Again Commander please let me re-iterate that it was not my intention to identify any particular problems I may have with you, simply address valid concerns about emotional attachments you may have with CO as he is your close friend and mentor and to examining the tactical picture of security rescuing security personnel who may be under mind control” his tone was flat and without feeling before he took a deep breath “my concerns about your ability to command during battle should not of come into it and if that concern was carried into the meeting then again I apologies.”

Mercia narrowed her eyes for a moment, "Delvok, I know Vulcan minds do not always comprehend the fact that no matter what we do, we are going to form attachments to any one we are close to. Hell I still have attachments to the former Captain of my last ship who was a mentor to me and helped me to advance my career. No one, who isn't a heartless cold Vulcan will ever not have attachments to the people they have worked closely with for two years, that is just not going to happen." she said. "Now... I understand you did not mean any thing by it, but It still bothered me because of the mission we had before... on the station. I hate that people died there, and you and I have not had time to connect since then..." she said gauging his reaction to her words.

Delvok’s face and tone remained emotionless and without feeling as he said “Personal speciest slurs about Vulcans aside commander, it remains a fact that in that away mission personnel died unnecessarily because of orders from this vessels command.”

Mercia didn't apologize for her comments, she knew they were not good, however she'd yet to meet a vulcan she could stand to be around more than two or three minuets. "Which was me, because the Commodore was handling other things when I made the order to send you to the station to investigate." she said tightly.

Delvok broke his rigid stance to stroke his beard thoughtfully “Then I would reflect that the next time you have to make such orders, that you do not and perhaps, instead, allocated that responsibility to an ensign who probably would have had a better sense of the tactical situation.”

It took her a moment to process what he was saying, and his insult sent a rush of rage through her causing her to clench her fists as she resisted the urge to shoot the vulcan right then and there. "Excuse me?" she bit out in shock that he would have the gul to say that to her.

"You sent people, good people, needlessly to their deaths, because you could not clearly see the tactical picture."

Mercia stiffened even more. "So I sent my best tactical response team on the ground to find the information I was missing. What the hell would you have done?" she demanded folding her arms.

"I would not of sent engineers, scientists and doctors with them without the tactical response team ascertaining what was going on first."

Mercia licked the inside of her lips. She regretting doing that, but she still could not let Delvok make comments like he did in meetings. "Losses of life are regrettable, but we thought we had a good picture of things over there, shit happens." she said trying not to sound cold. It was easier for her to mask her emotions than to let any one see them, especially Vulcans. "So this little pathetic attempt at dressing a superior officer down in front of the command staff has more to do with the fact that I am ordering Dr. Lorix to accompany your team. You were wanting to try and take that command away before I issued it weren't you?" she demanded.

"losses of life are regrettable, but shit happens? Now who is the heartless cold Vulcan?" Delvok folded his hands again behind his back. "The command is of course yours to give and your prerogative. However I do question the logic of sending an un-armed medical officer into a combat scenario"

Mercia chided herself, her and her big mouth that went out of line when she was angry. "We do what we can to prevent loss of life, I wish I could say we could prevent it, but we cant." She folded her arms. "No personal will be going with out at least a a stun capable weapon in their person, that is a requirement. If dr. Lorix refises and decides to ignore her military training, then another person will have to take her place." She said.

"I think she has already made that clear Commander" said Delvok thoughtfully "Perhaps you should assign the new assisstant chief medical officer, she is compitent and quailified for such a mission, or perhaps Ensign Geneviève Charmignon, she is a highly trained Nurse and I have found her skills relaint in the past."

She shook her head, "No. I need the best mind on the ground, I will attempt to speak to her, but she is assigned to this mission." Mercia insisted. "Your team is tasked with retrival and protection of our officers." she said tightly. "And Captain... your disagreements with me.. they don't happen around the meeting table again. Are we at an understanding?" she asked folding her arms. "We can be a good team Delvok, but I expect comments that question my stability or emotional level to never appear in public. If you need to confront me reguarding such things, grab a counselor and meet with me with them, that is the proper process." she said.

"We are at an understanding commander" said Delvok without a trace of emotion in his voice. "Have you spoken to a counsellor at all Ma'am?" It was not an accusation it was a sincere question

Mercia arched her brows, "Why would I need to speak to a counsellor?" she countered. She had been in counseling most of her life for one reason or another. "Because there could be a whole lot of reasons, but which are you asking about?"

"All of this" said Delvok gesturing around him to indicate the situation as a whole. "I have found counselling to be therapeutic in such circumstances. If not please consider it, but it is of course your prerogative."

"I think I'm fine, thank you." Mercia bit out folding her arms again. "If there is nothing else we have a rescue to figure out and mount." she said tightly.

Delvok thought that given her emotional outbursts and defensive body language that she was not ok. But he had said his piece and that piece reaching the XO was up to her. "No Ma'am" Delvok responded politetly with a slight nod of his head "Thank you kindly for seeing me."



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