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The Beach Life

Posted on Fri Nov 27th, 2015 @ 9:54am by Ensign Sadie Turner [Kavi] & Sidwell "Sid" Graeme [Halan]

Mission: Mother Base

Sidwell had transported down to the surface the moment they were in orbit with a bag and found a small little hotel on the water where he could stay and decided to have fun while he was on the surface. A tropical beach, beautiful women and cold drinks and the man felt like he was in heaven except for one little detail and it nagged him that it bothered him.

When he left the ship he'd sent Sadie, the girl he'd been hanging around off and on and hooking up with pretty regularly, a message letting her know where he'd be if she wanted to stop by and he was really hoping she would take him up on it. For the moment though, he was drinking a cold beer in a beach chair outside of his room watching the surf and some of the other people out on the beach.

Sadie had to finish a few things, but she was dying to get to this Island. She packed a bag and ignored her prissy roomie and eagerly left the shared quarters she had. It took some time to transport down and find her way to the hotel, but when she arrived she knocked on Sids door, and found it a bit open. Swinging it open she stepped in. The place smelled new, and it was nice and clean, "Oh wow." she said grinning. This place was fantastic, she'd never been somewhere so nice. She leaned over and saw through the glass back doors, Sid hanging out on the deck.

She dropped her bag in a chair and headed over to doors. "Hey." she said moving through the doors. She looked him over enjoying the sight of a man enjoying himself in the sun.

Sid looked up when he heard her voice and he almost had to pull back how happy he was to see her. After he covered his smile with a slightly charming grin, he looked her over slowly before meeting her eyes. "I wasn't sure if you were going to come down, I'm glad you did. The beer is cold and I am sure you brought a suit, so get changed."

"I put it on before I left, just have to take off my top and jeans." she laughed. "Why wouldn't I come down? Not every day that a cute guy asks me to come down to a beach..." she said. She pulled off her tank top and grinned, "I'll get a beer." Sadie headed back inside and pulled off her jeans, leaving her in a small one piece that showed her body off in a way she liked. The black color with pink straps going around her neck and then criss crossing the whole way down.

She grabbed a bottle and opened it as she headed back out. "This island is amazing." she said as she sat down on a lounger next to his. She shifted in the chair as she soaked in the sun light, hoping Sid enjoyed the sight of her in a bathing suit.

Sid eyed her appraisingly while taking a long, slow drink from his beer. He licked his lips after and took a breath as he looked back out over the water. "It's very nice, I figured I'd head into down tonight and get involved in some of the night life. Could be fun."

She laughed, "I hope there is actually a night life. Its a new colony and its a full of Romulans and stuffy Starfleet personnel." she snorted. She took a long drink of her own beer before she opened her eyes and watched the beach which had some people milling around. The surrounding jungle was alive with the sound of birds and other wildlife. "This place might get me in a lot of trouble." she said.

"I don't think place has anything to do with you getting into trouble," Sid laughed softly and took another long drink from his beer and crossed his legs as he leaned back and took a breath. "And I find Starfleet personnel like to let loose when they're off duty."

"I hope so." she said. "Only been on Gladiator a few months and I was already going stir crazy!" she chuckled. "It would have been worse if I didn't have you to distract me from time to time." Sadie ran her fingers over her thigh enjoying the sunshine on her skin.

"You get used to ship life and Gladiator is a massive ship, there is a lot to do on her," Sid said idly, finishing off the bottle he had and setting it aside. "Besides, I feed you some pretty damn good food and I know how much you like me."

Sadie laughed, "Gee do I make it that obvious?" she chuckled, "What can I say, I'm a bad girl, and I like your food." Sadie took a drink of her beer and sighed, "You been swimming yet?" she asked him.

"No, I've been enjoying myself in this seat, waiting for this really hot girl to show up to spend my leave with me," Sid chuckled softly. "You wouldn't know anyone would you?"

Sadie touched her chin, "Hmmm I don't know. What's your type? Red head? Brunette?" she asked him. "Tall? short?" she teased as she stretched out again, enjoying the sun.

"All four?" Sid replied with a laugh. "Although I've been craving a tall brunette with an hour glass figure and a great set of breasts. Nice eyes too, great to look into once in a while."

Sadie grinned, "Well, I do happen to know of a tall single shapley brunette who is aching for a good time with a tall dashing chef." she laughed. "Want to hit the waves?" she asked him with a waggling brow.

Sid put down his beer and turned towards Sadie with a playful grin on his lips, "With you? Yeah, I think that sounds like fun. Maybe after we can head up to one of the bars on the beach and get some drinks and food."

"Perfect, because I'll be starving, and you know that I like to eat." Sadie said as she got up. She shifted, showing off a bit. "And beyond that, I need some trouble... I've been behaving for way too long, I'm about ready to destroy something." she laughed.

"Oh that sounds fantastic," Sid stood up slowly, watching her closely as they started heading towards the water together. He couldn't help himself and grabbed a handful of her ass before leaning in close. "We are going to get into a lot of trouble baby."

Sadie squealed, "Oh we had better." she said. "I knew you would be all kinds of good for me." she laughed. "I should see if there are any restricted areas on this island, if there are, that is where I want to be." she laughed.

"I'm sure we can find something to get into, after all this world has both Starfleet and Romulan Empire personnel, there will be an amazing night life and a black market worth getting into," Sid replied with a grin. He looked out over the water as a big wave came in and lapped at their feet.

Sadie arched her brows, "Black market hmm? Let me guess, we've been here such a short time and You've already made some contacts?" she asked. "I'd love to check out some of the stock, may have some things I wouldn't mind getting my hands on." she said before she splashed in to the water. Tropical water was the best, it was so warm there was no shock of the cold.

"Contacts? No, I've just been sitting on the beach waiting for that hot brunette to show up," Sid flashed her a charming grin and started heading out into the deeper water, enjoying the warmth and the waves crashing into him and how it looked as it crashed into Sadie.

She moved further out and grinned at him, "Well then I suppose we need to look for some contacts, could be a project for later." she winked before she splashed him.

"The only thing I have on the list involves lots of me being naked with that brunette," Sid laughed, before he splashed her back and then dove under the water. He surfaced and splashed at her again, grinning at her.

Sadie laughed and jumped in the water herself diving under and then rushing towards him. She grabbed his shorts and tried to pull him under the water with her.

Sid went under the water with her, the two of them wrestled for a bit before they both had to surface and he gave her a look. "Just what to you think you're doing? If you want to get my pants off you've got to buy me a drink first."

She panted as she floated in the water, and rushed her hands back over her hair. "Oh but you already gave me a drink." she laughed. "So that counts." Sadie laughed. She looked up at the sky and sighed as she leaned back, floating. "This is great.... the most I'm relaxed I've been since.... ever I think." she said thinking back over her life the last ten years.

"Good, we're on island time now baby. A couple of months to do nothing but eat, drink and be merry? That's paradise," Sid replied, grinning as he moved down in the water and just enjoyed the lapping of the waves and the way he was finally able to relax.

Sadie swam around him, "Do you think you'll stay on with Gladiator?" she asked him. "I know you just really got the bar... but with Memphis Island and so many restaurants... part of me was worried you would want to jump ship already."

"Gladiator seems like a good place for me for now," Sid looked at Sadie, she was worried about him leaving? It wasn't like they were together even if he really was into her. "Why are you worried? No more late night dinners from a pretty decent cook?"

"Hey, a girl's got to eat. I know when there is a good thing going for me, and having a great chef who is super in to me, and keeps giving me free meals after work.. don't want to give that up." Sadie said. "Whats so wrong with that?"

"A replicator and a vibrator and you've just replaced me," Sid laughed at that. "Or a holoemitter and just make your perfect man to cook and sleep with you all you want. You don't want me as a boyfriend."

Sadie moved up in the water and touched her feet to the sand a little further below her. "No. I don't." she laughed. "Why the hell would I want a boyfriend? I thought we were clear on this? You cook me food, I eat it, we hang out and enjoy whatever happens. Seems perfect to me. Can't blame me for wanting to hang on to that." she laughed.

"I'm just making sure, talking about being worried that I might stay on the island here. It is a nice place," Sid said finally. "I love this beach thing, all the skimpy bikinis look like fun."

Laughing she looked around, it was quiet, but not empty. "I had good reason to wonder Sid!" she said splashing some water at him. "I walk around here and think about trying to see if I can get an assignment here... except that Graysons around now." she made a face.

"So you can't go too crazy? Didn't you have enough of a scare already Miss Turner?" Sid asked, giving her a teasing grin. He hated how into her he was. "And he might just be here temporarily. The Commodore is the CO of the island from what I hear. Hmmm I could open a bar right on the water, have to keep feeding you after all."

Sadie laughed, "Rumor had it Graysons taking over one of the islands for project kids like me. So yes I can't go too crazy or I'll end up in the security office on that island before I can blink..." she said. "Which would be ridiculously boring. And I did get a bit of a scare. Its why I have behaved even just a little..."

"There's nothing wrong with behaving for a little while," Sid glanced out over the water, watching a couple of surfers. "And if you want to misbehave you come find ol Sid here and he'll make sure you don't get caught."

"Thats why I showed up baby." she laughed. "An invite for beach, and beer, and trouble. Hell, I'd drop any thing for that chance." she sighed.

"I know you would," Sid laughed and sent a wave of water her direction, splashing her. "It's one of the things I like about you... Hey, let's go get some tacos or something."

"Fantastic,." she said. She dove under the water again, and swam closer to the shore. When she came out of the water she pushed the sea water out of her hair and headed back up the beach, dodging some kids as she went. "So tacos, do I need to get dressed and grab my shoes?" She said as the sun started to dry her skin and suit.

"No, we should be able to find something up along the beach here," Sid waved his hand towards the strip they were on and half smiled. "In fact I think there's a place not far and why would I want you to put on more clothes?"

Sadie grabbed his hand, it was a bit of a close contact sort of thing, but she didn't care. Right now, she wanted his attention more. Her eyes looked up in the distence where a row of smaller little restaurants were up between the beach and the street. Whoever had been quick to grab those spots were people of good business minds. "I suppose that is a good point." she laughed.

Sid interlaced his fingers with her, he was playing it off and trying to act cool but he was into Sadie and he wanted to make sure she knew without him having to say it. The fact that she'd showed up was enough for him, it was going to be a very good vacation.



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