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The Final Stand: Part 2

Posted on Wed Nov 4th, 2015 @ 8:45am by David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele & Major Delvok & Lieutenant Lor Lorix
Edited on on Wed Nov 4th, 2015 @ 8:48am

Mission: Resurrection Day


"Oh no, they are just falling into line under me. They gave me the technology to block telepaths, to capture and gain what I needed. It was in their best interest, as you can see." Kenneth smiled again, until another cloaked cultist came over him and whispered in a quick and panicked manner. "It seems that your friends are attempting a rescue," he sneered at Hawkins. "No matter; they are already too late. Prepare him for the final sacrifice!" he commanded to his minions, who this time pulled each of Hawkins' arms out to either side and pulled his head down onto the chopping block. Two other guards stood ready to prevent any other escape attempt.

The pain of his arms being almost twisted out of their sockets seemed to overwhelm his worry or doubt that his days were finished. David could feel the sweat rolling through his hair and down his face as he starred down at the bowl to which was going to collect his blood. It wasn't until at this point that he felt concern for his own life. All this time, he was more worried about his personnel over his health and well being.

There was a slight, tink tink noise, as something mettle bounced gently across the room and then rolled to a stop. It was then immediately accompanied by a loud bang. The stun grenade admitted its blue energy wave stunning any living creature in its wake.

Two Marines lead by Delvok stormed the room, phaser carbines shooting anything left moving, and anything that was not moving. However the marine’s carbines were not set to stun, as they blazed and energy trail of weapons fire through the room.

The cultists were caught off guard, and many crumpled instantly under the barrage of phaser fire. A dozen or so, however, were so frenzied from the blood ritual that they were unfazed by the explanation, and immediately set upon the Marines from all directions with a variety of knives, swords, and axes. Their eyes were white, with no cornea or pupil showing, and they were drenched red from the blood that continued to rain down upon the room from the damaged machine's whirling fan of antennae.

There was an ever so slight manic glint in Delvok's eye as he smashed one cultists skull in with the butt of his carbine, then pulling out his combat knife he stabbed it into the gut of another cultist. Marines were commandos by training, but this did not mean they were martial art monks from times of old, they just simply knew every dirty trick in book.

As the cultists recovered from the stun grenade, a steady stream of them began to rush toward the Marines, attempting to stall them for long enough for Kenneth to finish his sacrifice.

The marines stood their ground and formed up firing line , blowing away anything in their path.

"Blessings upon the Unholy One, let the blood of the unclean transform into the cleansing fire of the universe!" Kenneth chanted. The axe was lifted into the air, the cold metal edge rested gently against David's in order to line up for the final blow.

With all the energy that he could muster, David growled as he pressed up and forward with his feet. The grip on his arms loosened up enough for him to get free enough and slammed his head into Kenneth's stomach. But without thinking, he felt the jolt of pain rush through his leg as the axe came down into the back of his thigh muscle. A yell escaped his lips as he slammed his eyes shut in a way of trying to escape the pain that was now screaming through his body. He finally opened his eyes and saw Kenneth stumble enough but went for him. With the axe still in his leg, David screamed in pain as he slammed his fist into Kenneth's side over and over.

Weapons fire was heard and he heard the thud of the cultists behind him fell. Kenneth fell to his knees as David pulled him down below him. He pulled himself enough over the unholy leader and started to slam his fist into his face over and over. The pain that was coming from his thigh was almost numb as he felt his fists start to scream in pain, but the anger was much more.

The bodies, the lives... the ships... everything that this man had lead to kill and destroy started to flow over David's mind feeding his anger. With every punch, the red started to numb his physical pain as he started mentally lose focus. The mental break down took over and David was not his own. The man he was now was a shell of himself as he watched every hit stealing life from his prey. Blood started to break the skin as his fist started to become covered with the man's blood. It didn't matter, as he felt the punches slowed.

"Die you son of a bitch!" David growled yelling as he slammed both fists down on the man's chest. Blood shot out of Kenneth's mouths as he fought for every breath, but started to choke on the life stream that was now leaking out of his veins and into his airway. With a loud growl, David gripped the handle of the axe, and pulled it out. His eyes started to tear up in pain as he pulled the axe over his head and slammed it down into the man's chest. Energy started to leave his body, as David watched the final moments of Kenneth's life started to escape.

Redness slowly left as he watched Kenneth. His face was now cut up and bruised. Blood was starting to run from the slits of his face as he fought for every millisecond of life. David felt Kenneth gripping down on his legs with his hands as he fought long and hard. Blood squirted out of either side of the axe as blood started to leak from the man's lips. His wide eyed focus was now on David trying to figure out what had happened. How did he lose? How was he capable of being the final sacrifice?

In the last moments, Kenneth slowed his breathing or fighting as the life slipped away from his eyes. Movements of all kinds stopped as the dark blood slowed as his heart stopped beating. Now before him was just a shell of a man, a life form with free will and a life that had been in the universe for several decades to which was now... gone. David had ridden the man of his life. Had he helped the man reach his heaven or afterlife? Or was he now just gone?

Hands wrapped around his and lifted him up as David continued to stare at the shell of a life. Was he going to be marked as a murderer or a hero? His breathing slowed as he continued to watch the lifeless body as the marines kept on moving him away from the altar. He wasn't sure if he was going to be able to live with who he had become. But it was obvious, this wasn't the time.

"Get us out of here," the commodore spoke up at the marine CO as he turned around and gripped his arms over his marines. As soon as his orders were heard, the machine sparked and flared up. The humming all around increased even more as they moved quickly.

... to be Continued ...


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