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Day of Judgment: Landing party

Posted on Wed Nov 4th, 2015 @ 4:08pm by David Hawkins & Major Delvok & Lieutenant Lor Lorix

Mission: Resurrection Day

The Wyvern Class Transport, best known by the term "Hopper", could carry 32 fully armed marines from a starship to the ground. To ensure the rapid deployment of troops, the Hopper can utilize personnel transporters capable of placing a fire-team of marines down anywhere on a planet of a similar size to Earth. However beaming was not an option on this mission so they had to use the alternative method, the Hopper can land, and marines can exit the vessel through the side doors, which also double as ramps.

Larger vessels carry Wyverns in their shuttle bay, in this case, the USS Gladiator, Once the carrier vessel has reached its destination, it can open its doors and allow the Wyvern to "drop" into the atmosphere. In an atmosphere, they resort to conventional atmospheric thrusters. The Hoppers navigational computer is specifically designed to spot and guide the vessel to suitable Landing Zones (LZs) to quickly allow the deployment of marines.

However, the majority of this was mostly hypothetical for the two platoon’s worth of marines packed into the two Wyvern means of transport prepared to drop. Delvok groaned inwardly as he heard a marine corporal shout ”We are on an express elevator to hell! Going Down! Woooh Hoooo!” There was always one thought Delvok to himself as the Wyverns shot out of the shuttle bay at combat speed. The Gladiator was flipped with its hanger bay orbiting the planet below; the transports were almost immediately caught in the gravitational pull of the planet’s surface.

The transports began to shake violently as their approach vector was at a steep decline. The heat shields glowed a dangerous red and purple. The transport shook violently again, but this time from anti-space craft beam weapons, that show the blue streak of lance fire and the exposed Wyverns. Each transport deployed countermeasures, blue energy sensor beacons, to confuse the enemies targeting array. “ONE MINUTE!” came a shout from the Marine Co-Pilot over the communication system. Delvok gave an “affirmative” over his helmet mike, then he opened up a communication channel to all marines. Despite the rough ride, he removed the restraints holding him in his chair and got up to address the Marines. “ONE MINUTE TO DEPLOYMENT! L.Z. IS HOT! PLATOON COMMANDERS, COMBAT DEPLOYMENT BRAVO NINE DELTA! HOAH?” “HOAH” came the response from the marines.

The transports did not slow down for their approach, instead as they deployed reverse thrusters at the latest opportunity. Marines began to unlock themselves from their seats and grab their rifles. The ramps deployed and the marines began tactical deployment into the combat zone.

M4A2 Boots boots stomped on the decking of the ramp, as a green tidal wave of marines armed with M76 Integrated Helmet And Display Sight System, M3 Personal Armor and Marine Phaser Rifle Mk17's, broke forth upon the ground of the planet. They spread out tactically in fireteams of three. Comm chatter went to and fro between marines as they cleared the immediate deployment zone.

Delvok stood amongst this marine like a hive surrounded by bees. Delvok summarised that this would be his first ground assault combat operation since the dominion war over ten years ago. It seemed a little contradictory to his current line of thought which was that the time of the marines was nearly over, and as current evidence would suggest, that was not the case. A message over his comm’s came telling him a forward fire team had contact. Delvok took a deep breath through his nose, tucked his hands into his personal armour vest and with no regard for personal safety, and without moving between cover, marched through his marines to see what the fuss was about. He was gingerly followed by a squad of Marines who darted between cover in his wake.

Delvok came upon a squad of Marines ducked behind cover. They appeared to be taking fire from a group of armed cultists. “They are shooting at us sir,” said a Marine Sergeant over the sound of weapons fire. “So shoot back said Delvok flatly. “Sir,” said the marine Sergeant “Sir they are civilians, they are not in any uniform.” Devon's hand whacked the marine on the side of his helmet with a slap. “If they are armed and shooting at you then return fire with extreme prejudice” shouted Delvok. The marines opened fire, devastating the fire position of the cultists, they continued to press forward.

Sporadic firefights lighted up across the marine line and soon Delvok started to receive casualty reports over his communication net. A Triage station was established behind the lines by the Wyvern drop ships.

Delvok made his way to another unit of Marines that had found a fortified entrance way to a compound. “What have we got Morg,” he asked the gruff looking Tellerite Lieutenant.

"Boss we got an armoured door could be our way into the compound."

Delvok got out his tricorder and tried scanning the door, it got no readings beyond the door itself, meaning they had no idea what was on the other side. "Blow it" said Delvok. He looked around as the marine squad started getting out their fixed position explosives. A battle was unfolding on the ground, the two platoon's were now engaged across their line with light contacts from the cultists, whose weapons only consisted of hand phasers and rifles from a variety of cultures.

The marines set their explosives and charges. Delvok and the other marines dived behind cover. There were a loud BANG and a lot of smoke.

In the distance air to ground attack fighters began bombing campaigns as platoon officers called down fire missions on a small square walled compound surrounding an ancient alien pyramid, on each corner was an anti-aircraft gun that began to target the fighters. In turn, marine heavy weapons teams targeted the anti-aircraft guns with energy cannons.

As the smoke cleared Delvok and his team moved through the door into an underground tunnel that led into the compound. Before he crossed the threshold he took one more look at the unfolding battle and muttered to himself "we should have brought tanks" he then ducked his head and they began to work their way through the tunnel. The tunnel was pitch black so the marines were reliant on their M76 Integrated Helmet And Display Sight System, or IHADSS for short, to see through the darkness. The tunnel appeared natural, and Delvok had to weave through stalactites and stalagmites. Delvok made a series of hand gestures to the nearest marine, indicating he wanted tricorder scans of the area and a location on the Commodore.

"Contact!" came a shout from the lead scout as several energy beams of phaser fire arched past Delvok's face. He ducked behind cover and returned fire with a couple of double tap trigger shots. Each landed an accurate head wound to the targets chest. Up ahead Delvok coud see a small formation of caves in side the cave proper they looked like they had been turned into rudementary cells. He grabbed a marine. Find Doctor Lorix and get her down here, tell we have found the target.

To be continued


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