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Day of Judgment: The shuttle

Posted on Tue Nov 3rd, 2015 @ 11:24am by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele & Lieutenant JG Geneviève Charmignon
Edited on on Tue Nov 3rd, 2015 @ 4:56pm

Mission: Resurrection Day

"This is Commander Kavi on the Gladiator, stay your course and head for us, we'll pick you up," she called.

"This is Commander Kavi to the Starfleet officers aboard the runabout. We are picking you up, stay your course," she called to them.

"Copy that Commander" Kelly responded, "our runabout is limited to 3/4 impulse and we only have a few of the primary systems running at 100%"

"Reading you Hathaway," Mercia called. "Open shuttle bay two doors." Mercia ordered as they got close, "Initiate tractor beam!" she said, "Hathaway I hope your piloting skills are up to speed, this is going to be a rough landing, we're only going to be able to slow you down a little bit as we scoop you up." she called.

"Understood Gladiator. Have Sickbay on standby" Kelly replied, not entirely confident she could land the shuttle without injuries to either herself or others.

Vanora braced herself for a rocky landing, making sure she was strapped into her seat tightly. Between avoiding getting shot down, what had happened down in the temple, and coming back without the Commodore, the occupants of the shuttle had not had much to say during their short trip. With safety finally in sight, she suddenly felt sick. There were more wounds to heal with her crewmates and friends than just those that were received fighting the cultists.

Just as the shuttle reached the entrance to the shuttle bay, a stray shot from one if the enemy ships clipped the shuttles port nacelle, causing it to spin to one side and crash sideways onto the shuttle bay's deck.

Kelly was thrown out of her seat by this sudden movement of the Shuttle, causing her head to impact the console next to her, knocking her out cold.

Lizzy felt the shuttle shift, glad she put a seatbelt on and immediately went limp in her seat using her yoga training, resulting in her not really getting any damage.

M'Gann quickly held onto the seat when the shuttle jerked around. She was a bit more startled and terrified than she cared to admit, and she focused on keeping her breath calm as the shuttle ungracefully landed.

Vanora barely managed to hold on as the Gladiator's own artificial gravity enveloped the shuttle and the vessel came crashing down. She saw the Security Chief go flying and take a hard hit. Once the shuttle stopped moving, she reached over Kelly and slammed her hand on the console, causing the hatch to open and the shuttle systems to begin powering down. "We need Medical in here now!" she yelled out with the last of her strength. She looked at Kelly again, wanting to check on her, but her energy was finally spent, and she couldn't do anything besides slouch in her seat and try to breathe.

=/\= Mercia tapped her ear bud, hearing Vanora's voice would have sent her stomach into knots had she not been so focused on the battle at hand, Runabout, Hathaway, Stele, somebody, where is Hawkins?" she called through the system. They might be injured, but she needed to know if he was still alive before she sent anyone after him. =/\=

Lizzy prepared herself and slid out of the belt, "I'll check her, Vanora. I have medical training."

Shifting across to Kelly, she put a hand to the woman's neck and felt a pulse, "She is alive, the pulse is there."

Leaning down, she listened and heard breathing that was subconscious. "Breath signs."

Going to the medkit, she yanked it out and carried it over, opening it and pulling out the tricorder. Opening it, she did a scan and examined the screen, "Commander, it looks like a concussion is why she is out, but Medical will be here soon. She is stable enough for the moment."

Slapping the comm panel next to Vanora, Lizzy spoke, "This is Lieutenant Caldera. The captain didn't get aboard and is still down there. He needs evac and medical attention. As for the rest of us, Hathaway is unconscious due to concussion but stable for the moment, Stele is exhausted and weak. M'Gann is alive and here with me. Anything else I can help with?"

=/\= Mercia growled, "Damn it, Find his bio-signs!" she ordered the bridge crew. "Prepare the drop ships, the mission is to retrieve the Commodore. ALIVE!" she said. =/\=

Moving to the door, she popped it so people could get in and yelled, "Medical!! And some strong beefy security dude, I can use the help."

Gwen and two medics rushed through the door, medkit in hand and hurried over to Hathaway. She checked her vitals, made sure she was still stable, then went around to the others, making sure she could safely get them to sickbay. She directed her medics to get the others to sickbay as quickly as possible, then came the transporter room, =^=Two to beam to sickbay. Energize.=^= She and Hathaway slowly dissolved, leaving the medics and the remaining crew of the shuttle.

Shortly after, Lizzy was helping with getting the injured people out of the shuttle when she heard her name called and turned to see T'Madh walking quickly over, and blinked as she realized that her wife seemed to be.. frazzled looking.

When the Vulcan got close, Lizzy smiled and was about to speak when T'Madh grabbed her, pulling her close and giving her a quite passionate kiss in a very unVulcan way. Lizzy loved it and broke the kiss, "I miss.."

At that moment, T'Madh's hand rose and slapped her hard across the face, causing her to yelp.


T'Madh pulled her close, "I missed you and didn't cope well."

"Okay. We will talk, ok? No more slapping, though. I can explain. Seeing you are here, can you look after your boss?"

T'Madh nodded and entered into the shuttle with Lizzy, who went to M'Gann, "Hi, T'Madh has come and can help look after you, ok? With Vanora not in a good way, Hathaway out and the captain missing, it might be best if I report what I know to the bridge."

M'Gann turned towards the voice addressing her and nodded. "Go, I'll be fine."

With that, Lizzy exited the bay and headed to the nearest lift to go report.

"The Commodore... he's still on the planet," Vanora repeated, somewhat delusional. "Let's get an Away Team together... meet me in the Transporter Room in five minutes..."

Nurse Franci glanced at Gwen as she neared Vanora. She had a hypo in her hand, "Commander, You aren't going any where..." she said before she pressed the hypo to the womans neck. Seeing her was shocking; rumors were flying about her sudden departure. She pressed the hypo before the warrior woman realized what happened before she jumped away.

"Five... minutes..." Vanora said, trailing off, before she slumped backward in her chair, unconscious.

Nurse Franci nodded to the orderlies that were moving around, "Alright lets get these guys to sickbay." she said.


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