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Day Of Judgement: Tactical Withdrawal

Posted on Wed Nov 4th, 2015 @ 4:08pm by David Hawkins & Major Delvok & Lieutenant Lor Lorix

Mission: Resurrection Day
Location: Cultist Compound/Marine Wyvern
Timeline: After; The Final Stand: Part 2

As the group of marines made their way to the exit, the commodore heard more foot steps as he focused all his energy to limp on his good leg while he felt the pulsating pain rush through the other. He could feel his pants socked with blood and knew it wasn't going to stop. He looked up and felt relief as he saw one of his medical officers rushing to his side.

Lorix knew the efforts she had made to slow off the Telepaths was only going to hold for so long but she got word that the Commodore had been found and left what she was doing to run to meet him as he hobbled into sight with the marines.

"Doctor, can you do a quick fix to get me to the shuttles?" David asked as he watched her scanning his leg.

"Yes Sir" Lorix ran a very brief scan and decided that her priority was the most obvious wound and the source of the bleeding. She applied an old fashioned tourniquet as a temporary fix until she could get him to the shuttle for better regeneration. She gave him a hypospray of pain killer and put his good arm across her own shoulder so she could support his weight like a humanoid crutch.

"This way Sir, we'll do a better job as soon as we can get you to safety." she panted, the efforts she had been expending having made her a little breathless.

"Remind me to give you a raise when this is all over," David mustered to say through the exhausting efforts to move as fast as he could with her help. Weapons fire seemed to slow down as the Hoppers moved into position closer to the temple. The marines quickly took positions around the shuttle and cleared the path for the doctor and Hawkins to move up the ramp. "Great work marines, Now lets get the hell out of here!" David called out with what strength he had left before collapsing onto a make shift bed locked into position on one of the Hoppers.

Delvok who was wandering why the Doctor would get a pay raise, considering they came from a post scarcity society with no need for money, ordered his marines to being a tactical withdrawal and return to the Wyvern Transports.

Looking up at Lorix, he could tell that she was showing signs of enthusiasm as she seemed to not be the type to handle ground assaults. But this was only what Hawkins could tell. He looked down at his leg and the tourniquet before looking back at his doctor. "So, how bad is it?" he asked as he forced himself to roll around to his stomach and show the side of penetration. He felt the lack of blood started to effect his vision and his words were started to slur together as light headed-ness kicked in.

Lorix took a field re-generator to the major veins and arteries to seal off the bleeding. She would rebuild them properly when they were back on board.

Having stemmed the tide of the blood, she was able to remove the tourniquet and let the rest of the leg have blood flow again. Bandaging the wound so that it wouldn't take in any more infection than it already had so far, she did her best work at making it sustainable in the meantime.

Then she reassured the Commodore and moved on to his other leg and other injuries, making the best of each so that more damage didn't occur and everything that needed assistance was clean and ready for the short journey until she got him back to Theatre.

"That should hold you for a little while, Commodore. I'll do the rest when we get back but you shouldn't have any more bad effects from those for half an hour." she explained, checking him over again for all his blood results, U's and E's and all major organ functions with her medscanner.

"I had to pull that axe out of my leg," David admitted mumbling as he leaned his head against his arms. He slowly closed his eyes and flashes of the blood and beating he had placed on Kenneth flashed before his closed eyes. He quickly opened them and his breathing increased. "I needed a weapon to take care of the situation."

"I'm not here to judge you Commodore. I'm here to help fix you up. I have no idea what you faced in there or what you had to do to survive but I do know that you also had to put things right for everyone else and to defend your crew and people. You did what you had to!" Lorix soothed him and gently pushed his shoulder back down to get him lying down again so he wouldn't start off the bleeding again.

"You need to take it easy now. Doctor's orders!" she smiled at him gently but still kept him lying down as he was loaded onto a hover gurney.

Marines began to take their seats and strap themselves into their chairs as the Wyvern transport charged its engines and fires its reverse thrusters. It took off through plumes of smoke and weapons fire from the remaining cultists.

To Be Continued...


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