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The Durrighash Arrive

Posted on Mon Mar 10th, 2014 @ 10:28am by Lieutenant JG Liam Callaghan

Mission: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship!
Timeline: Immediately following "Second Responders"


Liam and Ash left the bridge, charged with greetings their guests. He stood to the side as Ash entered the turbolift, and then took his place beside her. He was upset that she had insulted him on the bridge, but even more so that he felt out of place in his current role. He reached down to his belt and ensured that his phaser was connected. The silence was deafening but he really had nothing to say, not now at least.

"Liam," started Ash. "Did I upset you? I didn't think I said anything that would hurt you."

Liam scoffed, "You think," he muttered. Her turned and faced her, "You insulted me on the bridge in front of everyone, especially the Captain." He smiled, "God knows I don't need any help in lowering his opinion of me.."

Ash winced. "Poor choice of words," she admitted. "I didn't mean to insult you. I was just teasing. You know, razzing you. Like teenage boys do in locker rooms. Or so I'm told," she added quickly. "And I'm sure the Captain doesn't have a low opinion of you."

"I know you didn't mean to but damn," he muttered, "and who knows what the Captain thinks, but I've been tossed into the brig twice mainly of my own stubborn pride." He sighed, "my position requires the support of the Captain, or else I will be sitting behind a desk for the rest of my life."

"No, you were tossed in the brig by a complete jackass who needed a swift kick to the ass," she said fiercely. "And who's still on this ship?"

He smirked, "I really wanted to hit him." He laughed, "But seeing you hit him was almost as good..." He leaned against the back wall of the lift, "Did I ever tell you I started my career as a Diplomatic Security Officer, I could have taken him... if I wanted too."

"You should have," she said. "My knuckles still hurt." She paused a moment. "I really AM sorry," she said, moving to stand next to him and leaning her head on his arm. "I'll try not to tease you in front of people anymore."

"You better not," he playfully teased. "So tell me about these people we are going to meet, cause to be honest I just gave the Captain everything I know about them," he admitted.

Ash grinned as the lift stopped. "Well, they're extremely friendly," she said, stepping off the lift and heading towards the transporter room. "They may LOOK like they're trying to decide how to eat you, but they're not, I promise; they don't eat sentient. They're pretty easy going. And I told them an informal meeting because they'll be likely to wear clothing. I find most people take to them better if they're wearing clothes. Mind you, some of them may not. Clothing is optional with the Durrighash.

"The males have a bit of flappy skin under their chins," she continued. "Sort of like some elderly humans. The females are slightly bigger than the males. I hope there are females. If there are, they may want to tell you ALL about their eggs. They're ridiculously proud of their eggs. Listen politely and comment that it sounds as if they shall have a strong hatchling. Other than that, they're pretty easy going."

Liam nodded. While he was good at his job, and he would perform his duties as require he preferred to deal with humanoids. It was easier dealing with people, then a walking dinosaur with teeth. “Hatchlings, got it,” he replied. “And make them smile a lot,” he joke.

"You'll be fine," she said as they entered the transporter room. "They're easy. Nearly impossible to offend." She nodded to the transporter chief, whom she was pretty sure was a hologram. "Whenever they're ready," she said.

"Please state the natural of the medical emergency," the hologram stated, as he phased in and out of existence. The hologram reappeared behind the console, "How may I be of assistance, Sirs," the hologram stated.

Liam looked at the hologram, "I think we have a minor problem," he looked at Ash. Walking over to the console, he ordered the hologram to step aside, "Receiving transport coordinates now," Liam pushed a few buttons, "Energizing, you are up Ms. Translator," Liam gestured to their guests.

Ash smiled at the Durrighash, holding both hands up in front of her chest. "Greetings," she said. "I am Ash Coi. You may refer to me as Ash, if you like, or Coi, if you prefer a more formal form of address. You are Captain Jack, correct?"

"You recognize me!" responded the Captain, who was wearing a blue frock that resembled a lab coat.

"Only just," replied Ash. "I learned from some other Durrighash that you have distinctive markings on your noses. I tried to memorize yours while we were talking earlier."

"Very good!" said Captain Jack. "This is Danielle and Joshua."

Ash held up both hands again and the gesture was mimicked by the other two Durrighash. "This is Liam Callaghan," she said, gesturing to Liam. "This is Danielle and Joshua," she added to him.

Liam stepped forward following the traditional Durrighash greetings, "Welcome to the Gladiator Captain," he nodded to the Durrighash's companions. "If you would follow me, I will take you to meet the Captain," Liam offered.

The Durrighash clicked and whistled.

"He says lead on," said Ash, giving Liam a wink. Now he had to turn his back on the giant lizards. That was always unnerving the first time.


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